Heat syncope

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  • Creative Writing: Macy's Mall Of Chicago

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    saw the look of terror on my face, he asked me in a soothing tone “what is wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost!” I then explained this recurring phenomenon and a smile crossed his face. He knew what was causing my fainting spells! “Vasovagal Syncope,” he called it, “is somewhat like an anxiety for your brain. It panics and then you pass out as an overreaction.” To me, this seemed like a life-saving diagnosis, all except for one small

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    I fan my shirt out and in hoping to copycat some sort of breeze. I turn around to see a large black lake which according to history should have somehow cooled me off, but now you can just see heat rays streaming from the edge of the water. Drops of sweat run down the temple of my face and if I don’t get something in my system soon I’m sure to pass out again. I reach for my dark brown hair and pull it over my neck. I’m the weakest in our division, infamous for passing out in the middle of a brigade

  • Short Story

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    “David, the musician.” “Steven, the CEO.” “Raymon, the student, here.” “Chyann, the hair designer present… Well, that accounts for everyone,” the transgender said. “We can’t be sure of that. We don’t know who was here before or after we were gassed.” The musician spat out a fingernail and continued biting what was left of them. “Is there anyone else in here?” the teacher asked, but no one answered. “Should we feel around to check?” “I’m not feeling around in this dark room! There’s no telling

  • My Love Life Essay

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    As a little girl growing up in a world of poverty, gang violence, broken families, and teen pregnancy. I never thought I would meet my prince charming. One day I was walking down the road with my friends back in 2003 fresh out of high school. There he was standing there looking tall, dark, and handsome. What was so great about the moment is that I knew who he was because he played basketball with my brother in school. My first words to him were,"Where have you been?". I haven't seen you since you

  • Short Story Of Willingham

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    to the children’s bedroom, he said, he stood and his hair caught on fire. “Oh God, I never felt anything that hot before,” he said of the heat radiating out of the room. After he patted out the fire on his hair, he said, he got down on the ground and groped in the dark. “I thought I found one of them once,” he said, “but it was a doll.” He couldn’t bear the heat any longer. “I felt myself passing out,” he said. Finally, he stumbled down the corridor and out the front door, trying to catch his breath

  • Reflection Paper On Cross Country

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    Last year my cross country season was going great I was redshirted and was put into uniform. I was at the peak of my athletic ability and school was going pretty good. Coming into this cross country season I could feel that I was not fit as last year which created a lot of concern for myself. I did everything that the coach told me to do and yet my body didn’t feel good at all. We got together at our cross country camp which is the start of our cross country season and our first workout I struggled

  • A Brief Article On Heat Illness

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    Heat Illness Reflection/Connection to ATR In this article I have learned many different helpful things. The article states many different heat illnesses, and how to handle them. Some of these damages can be lethal, and lead to death or some cases permanent damage. The article states information given by NATA which is the National Athletic Trainer 's Association. The purpose is to provide enough information for best practices for heat illness. So in

  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Thermoregulation

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    training and heat acclimatisation. It has been found that power output and speed of cyclists decreased during hot conditions. (Racinais, S et al., 2015) However, due to heat acclimatisation the decrements were progressively increased, therefore suggesting that heat acclimatisation can be used successfully. (Périard et al., 2015). Similarly, it can be found that exercise increases body temperature and the resulting heat stored becomes a factor inhibiting exercise performance. Loss of heat by evaporation

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    I’ve never been badly injured before. I guess i’m just really lucky because I hate going to hospitals. Since my Grandpa worked at the hospital and was really close with the people there, I always used to go with him and I never enjoyed going. Not even once! In horror movies, there are scenes where people are running down old, dusty halls with the lights flickering in the hospital. See, that’s one reason why I hate them. Another reason is when I smashed my finger in a door. Of course, I knew the doctor

  • Descriptive Essay About The Doll House

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    The Dollhouse Flashing lights appeared to be everywhere on Amara’s attractive face, while the obnoxious music was booming in her ear. The scent of cheap cologne and sweat intoxicated the club. Many people who were wearing explicit clothing were taking over the room which has caused the club to be full and have less space, but she tried to not let that bother her because she was committed to facing her fears. She resembled a beautiful porcelain doll and her voice had a sweet tune to it. Right