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  • Heinrich Schliemann Essay

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    "We could describe (Heinrich) Schliemann's excavations on the hill of Hissarlik and consider their results without speaking of Troy or even alluding to it," Georges Perrot wrote in 1891 in his Journal des Savants. "Even then, they would have added a whole new chapter to the history of civilization, the history of art" (qtd. in Duchêne 87). Heinrich Schliemann's life is the stuff fairy tales are made of. A poor, uneducated, and motherless boy rises through his hard work

  • Heinrich Schliemann

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    Slide 1- Heinrich Schliemann an archaeological treasure hunter. Slide 2- Heinrich Schliemann was born in Beubukow, Germany in 1822 and he died in 1890 at Naples, Italy. He received little education as a child, and first was enrolled at school at age 9. But he was later removed after his father could no longer afford payments, as he was accused of stealing church money. In the Christmas of 1829 Heinrich's father gave him a book entitled, an illustrated history of the world, by Ludwig Jerrer.

  • Heinrich Schlieman Essay

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    Was Heinrich Schliemann a good archeologist? In this essay my aim is to separate the truth from the predjudice and find out whether Heinrich Schliemann was a greedy charlottarian, a talented archeologist or just someone who stumbled upon a great discovery.      Heinrich Schliemann was born on January 6, 1822 in the small village of Neu Buckow, Germany. His interest in Homeric Troy started when his father, a protestant minister, gave him a book or Christmas in 1829 by Ludwig

  • The City Of Troy And The Trojan War

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    The Trojan War is a war that took place around c. 1200 BCE and is one of the many events that contributed to the fall of the Bronze Age. It was a revolutionary war for its time, yet its existence is questioned by many. Throughout this text I will answer the question: "In your opinion, is the existence of the city of Troy and the Trojan War real or "just a good story" (an artistic creation)?" I believe in the existence or the city of Troy as well as the Trojan War because of all the written and archaeological

  • A Reflection On The Lost Palace Of Sparta

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    Civilization, since Mycenaean culture appears to be connected with Homer 's Iliad 's Trojan War. Secondly, I took a course on Classical Archaeology as an undergraduate student in Classics. Therefore, I studied the nineteenth century archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann and his excavation of Agamemnon 's palace and his gold mask at Mycenae inspired me very much. For me, the most striking aspect of my news story was the Linear B tablets found on the site. Ghose (2015) stated that the inscriptions represented

  • Terrell Trojan War

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    The topic of the Trojan War has been analyzed, criticized, and researched for millennia. Many archeologists have spent decades trying to unveil the truth of the Trojan War. In 1894, the University of Texas was presented with the opportunity to purchase the alleged site of Troy. Alexander Watkins Terrell, the minister to the Ottoman Empire, believed it was imperative that the University of Texas capitalize on this opportunity as he felt the site was teeming with academic possibilities. The University

  • Art History: Mask of Agamemnon

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    ANCIENT ART 200 Was the Mask Of Agamemnon Edited by Schliemann and his Workers? 5/14/2011 Sandra.Baah | Schliemann was a German archeologist who excavated the shaft graves of Mycenae. He found a mask which has been claimed to be the mask of Agamemnon. This has brought up endless debates about the authenticity of the mask. The mask is said to be one of Schliemann's forgeries. Some scholars claim the mask is too new or does not have any qualities that prove that it is Mycenaean. It is difficult to

  • Assess the Extent to Which Archaeological Evidence Uncovered by Heinrich Schliemann Supports Homer’s Existence of Troy.

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    that took place on this ancient site. It is not a surprise that the 19th century German archaeologist or arguably treasure hunter, Heinrich Schliemann was spellbound to find Homer’s classical city of Troy and it is often said that we know so much about Troy today because of one man’s obsession, indeed of his childhood dream which he made come true. Although Schliemann did in fact discover a vast amount of

  • Who Is Responsible For The Holocaust?

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    planned and create the means to the Final Solution are the most responsible because their cruelty shows meticulous planning and a genius that few others could have achieved. For instance, according to the USHMM, “In the autumn of 1941, SS chief Heinrich Himmler assigned German General Odilo Globocnik (SS and police leader for the Lublin District) with the

  • The Tragedy Of World War II Essay

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    World War II is one of the most well known wars in history. It is known for many things such as the dropping of the atomic bomb in Japan by the U.S forces, the storming of the beaches in Normandy on D-Day, the bombing of the U.S Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, and the rise of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. However, of the most notable and of tragic events of World War II would be that of the Holocaust. The Holocaust, which comes from a Greek word for a religious sacrifice, is famous for the horrible