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  • Henri Matisse Essay

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    Henri Matisse      Henri Matisse was born December 31st, 1869 to two storeowners, Emile and Heloise Matisse. His father wanted him to be a lawyer, so later on in life he could takeover the family business. They sent him to Henri Martin Grammar School where he studied to be a lawyer. There was a hint of artist in Henri because while working as a lawyer’s assistant he took up a drawing course (Essers 7). It was for curtain design but it seemed to be destiny for a lawyer’s assistant to take up such

  • Paul Gauguin And Henri Matisse

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    distinction to make, because “primitivism” was defined in the eyes of the Europeans who saw foreign civilizations as unsophisticated, indicating that the concept of “primitivism” is heavily biased in the view of the Europeans. Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse were two artists that were highly influenced by the concept of “primitivism,” and some similarity can be depicted in their works such as the use of female nudes, vivid colors, and artistic techniques. However, their definition and methods of achieving

  • Harmony In White : Henri Matisse And His Use In Color

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    Henri Matisse was mostly known for his use in color. Although he was a French artist Matisse was influenced by many cultures. The idea of Fauvism was created by Matisse that soon made his work famous, and influential for many artists to come. One of his first drawings in the early twentieth century developed this term called fauvism; Harmony in Red. In each piece of his work he used such vibrant colors to help draw attention to this new idea of fauvism. These vibrant colors, and large brush strokes

  • Pablo Picasso's Cubism And Henri Matisse Fauvism

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    art influenced a vast majority of modern day art. Pablo Picasso’s cubism and Henri Matisse fauvism helped shape this era not only in style of painting, but a revolution against conformity of a social artistic structure. Cubism was a style of painting imagined, created, and performed by Pablo Picasso.

  • How Did Henri Matisse Influence Art

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    Henri Matisse was an extravagant artist they lived from 1869 till 1954. Throughout his life he pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in art and helping head the fauvism art movement of the time. His life through art progressed through several stages, firstly his early influences in his childhood home and surroundings, secondly his early days of art at the academies of Paris and his first years on his own and thirdly his later life when he delved into the more progressive art movements of the

  • La Musique ( English : The Music ), By Henri Emile Benoit Matisse

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    La Musique (English: The Music), by Henri Emile Benoit Matisse. Henri Matisse was born in France in 1869 and is often given credit to being a founder of the “Fauve” or “wild beast” movement. This movement in art was generally known for bright colors and often quite lively compositions. La Musique was completed in 1939 using oil paints on canvas. Matisse was often described as having a deep admiration for dancing and music, with that being said, this was not his only work of art that involved or

  • The Between Edouard Vuillard 's Interior With A Screen ( 1909-1910 ) And Henri Matisse 's Blue Nude

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    effort to create a more meaningful understanding, as well a deeper appreciation, of the nuances, techniques, and design choices employed in these attempts, a comparison will be made between Edouard Vuillard’s Interior With a Screen (1909-1910) and Henri Matisse’s Blue Nude (Souvenir of Biskra) (1907). In this essay, each artist’s approach to the subject of the female nude will be closely analyzed, compared, and contrasted, as will their styles of painting, handling of visual elements, and their use

  • The Influence Of Henri Matisse

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    During the 1900’s there were multiple artists who made an impact in the world of art making: Henri Matisse is one of the many artists, who created lots of important artworks during his time in the 20th century. Throughout any artist's’ work, there is always an influence. Specifically for Zorah on the Terrace by Henri Matisse, there is a clear influential time period. Just from the different countries that Henri traveled to before 1911, he had the opportunity to be influenced by Early Islamic Art directly

  • What Was Cubism And Fauvism?

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    indistinguishable in who the artist was. Fauvism on the other hand, “was the first of the avant-garde movements that flourished in France in the early years of the twentieth century” (Rewald, Hilbrunn Timeline of Art History). Fauvism was first portrayed by Henri Matisse and also shown somewhat in the paints of Van Gogh’s. So what is the different between Cubism and Fauvism? Many characteristics separate Cubism from Fauvism, such as: multiple angles, reconstruct objects, flattened space and geometric blocks of

  • Essay on The Artwork of Henry Matisse

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    Matisse once said, “A good art work should be like an arm chair in which you could relax at the end of the day”. This statement of Matisse’s indicates that artist’s artwork should be an art of balance, of purity and tranquillity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter. An art which is created for everyone in society and that is like a pacifying influence, something like a good arm chair in which you could rest from physical fatigue. Moreover, his paintings are about imagination, dreams and