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  • Essay about Exposing the Hoax of www.DHMO.org

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    website www.DHMO.org. Although most of the information available on the website has merit, it was created as a hoax to bring light to the subject of information literacy in todays’ society. My evaluation of the website will prove that the website masks itself as a reputable source of information, but by researching the website itself, it becomes evident that it is in fact nothing more than a hoax. According to the criteria for evaluating a website set forth by the University of California Berkeley, the

  • Theme Of Appearance And Reality In Macbeth

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    The reality of a person is often masked by one's perception of appearance. In William Shakespeare's Macbeth, Shakespeare shows how the looks and innocence of one is a camouflage behind wickedness like how Lady Macbeth uses her charm to look innocent, covering the fact that she is the mastermind behind all the evil plans. The idea of appearance vs reality is significant in this play as Lady Macbeth utilizes her innocent appeal to shroud her mischievousness as well as Macbeth uses his innocent identity

  • Bigfoot : A Hoax

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    Bigfoot, is he real or is he just a myth and hoax. Some call it Bigfoot and others call it Sasquatch, but no matter what you call he is real and not just a hoax. The legend of Bigfoot goes as far back as ancient Indian tribes. There is not a lot of evidence on Bigfoot's existence how ever the evidence that does exist is enough to convince people that he is real. If you don't believe in Bigfoot im not going to tell you that you are wrong, I just want to tell the other side and hopefully convince the

  • The Moon Hoax Essays

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    The "Moon Hoax" has been around since 1835, when the New York Sun printed an article about this whole ordeal. The New York Sun used and credited Sir John Herschel, who was a British Astronomer. Herschel claimed that he had tried out a new type of telescope on the Cape of Good Hope in January of 1834. While in Cape Town, he said he'd set up an Observatory. Using this, he claimed to have observed what he thought of as the "Real" Moon. He claimed to have seen vegetation, bodies of water, and living

  • Glee Is a Hoax

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    You’re walking through SIUE halls in peck hall, and then someone just jumps out singing and dancing on this joyous occasion. Does something like that really happen? No! There is a lot of hard work that goes into something like that, and glee portrays it all wrong. All the hard work that goes into it like: cleaning the choreography, learning the voice parts, and the many hours of practice. In a recent article by spark notes, in reality 90% of choir kids are theater geeks and really want to help

  • A Neglected Anniversary Of The New York Evening Mail

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    the instant acceptance and longevity in belief of Mencken’s hoax. As previously stated, the hoax began with the publication of the article “A Neglected Anniversary” in 1917, which was reprinted in 1926 in the article “The Bathtub Fable That Caused a Furore;” Mencken stated that the bathtub was considered a health hazard and the use of them was frowned upon until President Fillmore installed the first bathtub in the White House. The hoax gained nation wide publicity when newspapers, including The

  • Hoax Climate Change

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    People around the world turn a blind eye on the topic of climate change, many believe that climate change is a hoax, but our Earth is changing. Our average air and ocean temperatures are rising, there is a widespread melting of snow and ice and a rising average in sea levels. These are things happening because of climate change. As habitants of the Earth, it is our duty to restore our planet after the wrongs we have done to it. Changes in the Earth’s atmosphere began to take an incline because of

  • The Moon Landing: A Hoax?

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    The Apollo missions that succeeded in landing and approaching the moon encountered conspiracy claims and distrust from the people. Many online personas claim to have proof showing that the moon landing was a hoax. Read below to learn more on the conspiracy theories the missions encountered. One of the most famous examples encountered by is the crosshairs in the picture. These crosshairs were etched on a thin piece of glass placed in front of the film in the camera as reference points for each picture

  • Is The American Dream A Hoax

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    American Dream not their individual dream? Or the most controversial question of all: is the American Dream just a hoax? I think that all three are plausible answers, that yes some Americans are just too lazy, some Americans don’t even want the same dream as the “American Dream” and yes the American Dream can be a hoax. The reason as to why the American Dream can be viewed as a hoax is due to the simple fact that some people are granted different advantages than others. In my opinion it all starts

  • Apollo Moon Landing Is A Hoax

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    Since 1969, some people said that Apollo moon landing could be a hoax. Then, tons of people and scientists leave their comments and personal opinions on this particular topic. Both side’s supporter has different evidence to support what they believe. It is not reasonable to believe it was a hoax because of the physical evidence that supports it. The following information present that the background of the moon and different evidence to support the thesis statement above. The moon is the easiest