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  • Hip Hop Music And Hip-Hop As A Cultural Rap Music

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    Hip-hop is a cultural rap music. Writer like it so much he write about it and also think about how to make a some changes in it. Rap music has has a graffiti writing, break dance and deejaying. Graffiti writing is one piece of art on canvas. We can do hip-hop in park, graffiti in the backdrop and rap on the center of the stage. Hip-hop is form in so many variety of music. To learn hip-hop you have to understand their elements. Hip-hop influence black women. In U.S they have song for slave they find

  • Essay On Hip Hop

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    Hip-hop is one that has evolved in the free improvisational culture is vibrant in the 1980s dance, a form of music among blacks in the United States of the slums of New York in the 1970s. So hip-hop is also referred to as the expressionism of black. Hip in the hip-hop (Hip) refers to a new generation who are familiar with the slang, fashion of the times that points to the "ass", total (Hop) means "dance" or ball in the sense that shake. And try to synthesize these two words hip-hop, dance, be in

  • Hip Hop And Its Effects

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    Hip Hop Global Attractions Hip Hop in the most popular genre of music between all African American communities, not just in America, but worldwide. Hip Hop has expanded itself into music, fashion, advertisement, movies, and it’s given many rappers, and those associated with the genre, the chance to influence their communities, societies and their culture in general, but commercial Hip Hop in the U.S. has branded Hip Hop in a negative way. (The Young and The Hip-Hop, Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem

  • Hip Hop Is The Best?

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    many hip hop fans like to say nowadays is the ever so popular phrase, "Hip Hop is dead." What is meant by that statement is that the quality of the music has diminished significantly. The hip hop artists that were grew up on are either gone (deseased), or are past their prime at this point. That doesn 't necessarily mean that, "hip hop is dead." Don 't get me wrong, there may never be another Tupac, Biggie, or Eminem. All three are often looked at as the best to ever do it. But, hip hop is still

  • The Hip Hop Culture

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    the genre. I have listened to all of the considered essential hip hop “classic” and modern day albums. I noticed in these “classic” albums very distinct change in subject matter and style that each of the different areas of rappers on where they originate from. Some people believe that the hip-hop culture is at a decline with the lose of this uniqueness and individuality shown in each of these areas. I too even thought that the hip-hop culture was at a decline until I was researching my topic, but instead

  • Hip Hop Satire

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    Hip-Hop Every year from 1985 to 2013 the top 5 hip hop/rap songs combined to make thirty one thousand five hundred sixty-four curse words. Does this make hip hop a respectable genre of music? This type of music has a negative influence on kids, and it steers them in the completely wrong direction. This is not the kind of music that should be promoted due to the things it says, and the views it has on people based on gender or race. Children especially should not listen to hip hop because it

  • The Music Of Hip Hop

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    Hip hop is a very broad subculture due to the fact that it is comprised of so many other subcultures. The four main factions of Hip hop are MCing(master of ceremonies) better identified today as rapping, DJing (disk jockey), breakdancing and Graffiti. Break dancing is known as “ the physical manifestation of the hip hop style”(Rose 47). The Hip hop subculture has a long lineage and the four main factions where all foraged together in the same place at the same time. Even though the culture at the

  • The Start Of Hip Hop

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    The start of hip hop began as creative lyrics. Young urban youth expressing themselves creatively through rhymes spoken to music. A time when groups gathered and had a good time with no fear of violence erupting. However as hip hop evolved, the lyrics changed and it began to take a turn for the worse. The lyrics are no longer a positive outlet to express the problems the youth face, it is no longer “a compelling distraction from the turmoil of inner-city life” (Green 47). Rap has a huge following

  • The Origination Of Hip Hop

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    The Origination of Hip Hop Laresia Parks English III, Period 05 2 December 2015 Hip hop finds its ethnic origins in Jamaican music and DJs in the seventies who used two turntables to create longer drum breaks in records for dance parties giving rise to “break dancing” and “break dancers” now known as b-boys and b-girls (A Closer Look At a New Hip Hop Movement). DJs and MCs popularized the technique of speaking over beats and the culture expanded to include street dance and graffiti art. Embraced

  • Evolution of Hip-Hop

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    Evolution of Hip-Hop From where it started to where it is now, Cuban hip-hop has transformed greatly. Without the United States, hip-hop in Cuba certainly would not be where it is today. The United States is the hub of hip-hop and helped to jumpstart hip-hop in Cuba. While this is true, hip-hop in the United States completely differs from that of Cuba for the better. Even though hip-hop in Cuba did not start from much, the amount of development and influence this music has towards Cuba is immeasurable