Hyde Park, Chicago

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  • A Comparison Of Hyde Park And The West Side Of Chicago?

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    Two neighborhoods in Chicago Such as Hyde Park and the West side of Chicago are very different but have a variety of similarities as well. The differences and similarities lies in the areas, the houses, the schools, political views, the food and basically the towns their self. Neither of the two neighborhoods is the best to live in but sure is not the worse. In the west side of Chicago, you see plenty of people standing around on the corners, theirs a lot of liquor stores and fast food restaurants

  • Oriental Institute Museum Essay

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    I had an opportunity to visit the oriental institute museum . During my visit to the museum I was made aware of its location and the importance of it to chicago. The museum housed many exhibits of historical value dating civilization back to the paleolithic period of 2,500,000-100,000 B.C. Below you'll find examples of mans rise through the use of tools and refined skills from cave living to structured living throughout evolution. This is an experience that has grounded me to a new interest in structures

  • The Crystal Palace And The Maison De Verre

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    The Crystal Palace, located in London, England, was constructed in 1851 by Joseph Paxton. Having been the world’s first structure to be built entirely out of glass, it has inspired and influenced many glass frame construction throughout the years. It held many exhibitions during its lifetime and hosted thousands of people from around the world. Unfortunately, the great Crystal Palace had a major design flaw that inevitable caused its great destruction: flammable wood flooring and glass frame work

  • Eleanor Roosevelt : An Effective Leader

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    Eleanor Roosevelt Casey Gaines Concordia University Eleanor Roosevelt “Success must include two things: the development of an individual to his utmost potentiality and a contribution of some kind to one 's world” (Roosevelt, p 119, 1960). Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City October 11th, 1884 (Burns, 2012). Having grown up in a family considered to be in the top of society, Eleanor could have focused her life on parties and social gatherings. However, Eleanor came to the realization

  • Construction Of The Crystal Palace

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    The Crystal Palace can be described as a firm glass building that was initially made in Hyde Park, London, in order to be the home for the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was known that “14,000 exhibitors from all around organized together in the 990,000 square foot exhibition space in order to display models of technology that was developed during the Industrial Revolution.” () It was created and designed by a man named Joseph Paxton and is “three times bigger than St. Paul’s Cathedral.” () Once the

  • The Great Exhibition Of 1851 By Louis Haghe, Joseph Nash And David Roberts

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    Compiled in 1854 by Louis Haghe, Joseph Nash and David Roberts, Dickinson 's Comprehensive Pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851 reveals large amounts of information regarding exhibitionary cultures in the nineteenth century. The catalogue was produced for Prince Albert, who was the patron of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. This source suggests the Great Exhibition followed a similar trend how museums mainly operated in the nineteenth century. Most

  • Descriptive Essay On Hyde Park

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    When it comes to Hyde Park I’m reminded of all of those old Hollywood movies. I’m pretty sure that a werewolf or two once ran through Hyde Park and it was definitely mentioned in some Sherlock Holmes movies. I also believe that Hyde Park is one of the most popular parks in London, England. It is a part of the Royal Parks of London. Hyde Park is one of the greatest city parks in the world and has over 4,000 trees as well as a large lake, a meadow and there are wonderful ornamental flower gardens

  • Introduction Of The Crystal Palace

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    and demonstrate an imperial industrial and economic leadership of the world, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert organized the first world’s fair, namely, “The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations”, at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, from May 1 to October 15 in 1851 (Celik 1). Not only did the diversity of the foreign goods displayed at the exhibition astonish the publics, but also the Crystal Palace, designed by Joseph Paxton and Owen Jones, as the striking structure

  • Flowers And Freckle Cream Short Story

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    Do you know how you learn about your identity? Is it through eExperiences or people in your life? According to dictanory.com identity means being a who or what as a person or a thing. For example I have an identity, and you have identity. Identity is a really important thing. Individuals learn about himself through the people in their lives. Flowers and Freckle Cream is about a girl that thought poorly of herself and did not like the way that she looked. Until her grandpa really helped her know

  • Biography Of Alexander John Greenslade And Lady Mary Capelle

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    nearly at Hyde Park." Father chimed in. We made our way out of the slums, returning to the vicinity of the palace. The horses drew us around Kensington Palace and the Russian embassy. Past Round Pond stood the Crystal Palace. A magnificent building, made almost wholly of glass, was erected by the river running through the park. Millions of 10 by 50 inch glass panes, all held together by iron reinforcements; reaching 170 feet high. Thousands of people surrounded the palace 's fountains and parks. The