Hiring An Intern On The Workplace

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Hiring an intern to help catch up on papers in a publishing company affects the company, its employees, maybe its clients and of course the intern. In this situation, the company makes out the best. Going off of the information that most publishing companies do not pay their interns, the business would basically be getting free work. The organization would be getting help equivalent to a worker and not have to increase their payroll at all. The publisher would be able to gain more free time to tackle other more important job-related tasks. Furthermore, it may help the organization to succeed and reach new goals because their current workers have more time to dedicate. They can work on improving their efficiencies or hiring additional …show more content…

With a high number of interns coming in, not getting paid, not getting educational experience, and quitting, the organization is bound to obtain a bad reputation. In turn, this will make the recruiting process extremely hard for paid employees, because who wants to work for a company that is not ethical nor treats its members right? In general, at first, a non-paid intern doing the work of a paid worker seems great for the organization. But in the end it may prove to hurt both the company and the unpaid intern.
Having a publishing intern who files papers could work out ethical and legally if the internship program contains a well-designed training program. According to the Fair Labor Standard Act, any unpaid intern must not provide any direct benefits to the company (Noe et al., 228). Unpaid interns exist in the organization for educational benefits. According to the U.S Small Business Administration, filing papers and answering emails are considered activities which provide direct benefits to an organization; therefore they must be paid (Beesly). Knowing this information, in the case of the publishing intern, s/he must be paid if the company wants them to file papers because they are providing the company benefits. The U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division state 's, educational benefits does not exempt them from having to pay the intern (WHD Staff). SHRM warns companies to distinguish between an employee and an intern (Cleary). The main difference between

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