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  • Italy : The Birthplace For The Renaissance

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    Italy: the birthplace for The Renaissance There are many factors that come into play that make Italy the birth place for The Renaissance. Italy at the time was vast in culture, and creativity as opposed to the English, where they were rattled with war, and a more rural mind set. The English Renaissance differed in many ways from the Italian Renaissance. The English renaissance was more geared towards literature, and music rather than art, and sculpting. Literature artists like Shakespear came about

  • Renaissance in Cinquecento Italy

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    Chapter 22: Renaissance in Cinquecento Italy Exercises for Study: 1. Select one of the following pair of artworks and describe the differences you observe between them. Each pair consists of art of the Early Renaissance (Chapter 21) and that of the High and Late Renaissance (Chapter 22). Examine the composition, technique, position of the figures, and facial expressions, as well as any relevant elements of art and principals of design (see handout from September or Google “art elements and design

  • The Ugly Renaissance Discussion Of Italy

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    The Ugly Renaissance Discussion 1. Why did the Renaissance originate in Florence and prosper for so many years? In many ways, Italy had benefits over northern Europe in detaching from the feudal system and accumulating enormous amounts of wealth. I think that above all else, geography was Italy’s anchor in this respect. Being a projecting land mass sticking out into the Mediterranean Sea, and beneficially located between the main part of Europe and the Byzantine Empire, cities within Italy had little

  • Art And Renaissance And Baroque Italy

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    to make art in Renaissance and Baroque Italy, the debate, seems to have hardened into a matter of disegno and colore, with each representing a whole artistic philosophy exacerbated by an wrapped up in civic pride, competition and individual ego. If taken at face value, disegno, represented by Georgio Vasari and practiced in Florence, was the essence of rationality and intellectual detail, demanding artists who could be “universal” (this being too early to call themselves “Renaissance men”), and engage

  • Flash Focus: Italy In The Renaissance'

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    “Flash Focus: Italy in the Renaissance” is a secondary source because it is an article that was found in a scholarly journal that evaluates and expands on research that has been done over the Renaissance, most prominently the movements that happened in Italy. This article starts off by explaining how during the Renaissance Italy was full of renewed interest in the works of the Romans and Greeks. What the author means by this is that during the time period Italy was big into mimicking the art styles

  • Why Did The Renaissance Occur In Italy

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    Ordinarily, when many people first think of the Renaissance they will imagine the inaccurate representation of busty woman dressing as tavern wenches alongside men wearing a tunic and blue jeans as they become annihilated on ale while trying their best to speak in an old-timey dialect, whereas others will recollect the intellectual and cultural movement that occurred between the 14th and 17th century which initially happened in Italy for various reasons. Foremost, they desperately needed to alleviate

  • Renaissance Art During Eighteenth Century Italy

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    Renaissance Art in Fifteenth-Century Italy The renaissance era is the mark of the “rebirth” period. It’s the beginning of the modern world and the ending of the Middle Ages. Renaissance era means the revival of great art and literature and it began in Italy and spread into Europe between the 14th century into the 17th century, and made that transition from medieval to modern time. ( Most of the towns turned into cities and businesses. Italy was forming into an urban city. A city that

  • The Effects of Catholicism on the Education of Women in Renaissance Italy

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    The Effects of Catholicism on the Education of Women in Renaissance Italy According to Paul Grendler, the conservative, clerical pedagogical theorist Silvio Antoniano (1540-1603) reflected on women’s educational status in Renaissance Italy in one of his written works, claiming that “…a girl (should not) learn ‘pleading and writing poetry’; the vain sex must not reach too high…A girl should attend to sewing, cooking, and other female activities, leaving to men what was theirs”. Apparently, this

  • Start of The Renaissance in Italy During the 15th Century Essay

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    Start of The Renaissance in Italy During the 15th Century The word Renaissance means rebirth. It was a period when people rediscoverd learning and looking back to the classical civilizations of Rome and Greece for their inspiration. It was an exciting time of new inventions and amazing discoveries, magnificent buildings and beutiful art. My aim in this essay, is to explain why the Renaissance started in Italy during the 15 century. In this essay I will talk about; The

  • Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and Renaissance Italy Essay

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    About Nothing" takes place in Messina, a city-state of Renaissance Italy. The Renaissance was a period in European history believed to have been between AD 1300 and AD 1600 with a feudal society of agricultural economy and church dominated culture. It was during the Renaissance that Europe was transformed into a society dominated by central political institutions with education, arts and music heavily influenced by the Christian religion. In Italy, cities such as Florence, Ferrara, Milan, and Venice