Jennifer Holliday

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  • My Reflection Of Writing

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    I thought about how I wanted to write this week’s reflection for a few days. This one is going to be different. My story begins at the end of the week. This week’s reflections are supposed to focus on syntax. I did not even know what that is so I had to look it up. After studying in depth, I understand that I should focus on making a well formed sentence. That doesn't seem to hard. As a lawyer, I can only imagine that syntax is not only important but absolutely essential to your success. When thinking

  • Heuristics And Systematic Decision Errors

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    purchased a house, they had very little inherent knowledge about the local real estate market or experience with what their lifestyle was going to be. Their decisions therefore would be based almost entirely on published data and first hand house visits. Jennifer and Jimmy are both medical doctors, eminently rational and meticulous about their finances, their careers, and life planning. When deciding which medical residency programs to apply to, a 100 row spreadsheet was constructed, detailing and weighting

  • Role Of National Identity In My Darling Clementine

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    The Construction of American National Identity in My Darling Clementine John Ford’s 1946 Western film My Darling Clementine played a great part in the construction of American national identity through its symbolic representation of the USA and of foreigners. Released a year after World War Two, the film acknowledges the anxieties America had faced towards foreign powers and attempts to put these anxieties at ease by portraying America as a hero-figure. The representation of characters within

  • Tombstone Massacre Essay

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    I’m going to talk about what happened that day of death in Tombstone, Arizona. And what really happened to end up in a massacre in a little town in Arizona. The shootout is famous for the Mclaury gang and the Earp brothers ending a feud in bullets and blood. What people don’t believe is that Wyatt Earp was scared to kill a man as a child. So I’m going to talk about the beginning, way before the feud. Wyatt was born March 19, 1848 in a small town in Illinois called Monmouth. He was the third born

  • Quality Enhancement Program ( Qep ) Assignment

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    1876 he trekked to his brothers brothel in Wichita, Kansas. There in Kansas, he established himself as a part-time police officer. Working hard, Earp was eventually made city marshal of Dodge City, Kansas. While in Kansas he met his good friend Doc Holliday. Joining his brothers Virgil and Morgan in tombstone, Arizona, December 1879, they hoped for silver wealth. Hopelessly finding no silver, Earp was forced to return to law work. Seeing tombstone as a wild horse needing to be tamed, he took the challenge

  • Wyatt Earp's Tombstone

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    In many modern "period piece" movies, the screenwriters put extra effort in world building so that the film's story can seem more real. One example of this kind of movie is 1993's Tombstone. Tombstone follows Wyatt Earp and his family in their struggle to peacefully live alongside a violent gang called the Cowboys. Between periods of tense hostility and character growth, this film gives viewers a wide and varied scope of how life was in 1881 Arizona. Opening the movie is a newsreel style of narration

  • The Legend Of The West

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    any disorder lawbreakers put out. The Clantons are portrayed as greedy cattle rustlers and hateful to the residents of Tombstone, often intimidating the saloon goers and bartenders. Doc Holliday said to be a Boston doctor, was apathetic and distrustful of the people around him. After gaining the trust of Holliday, the Earps finally square off against the Clantons and win the battle. Afterward, Wyatt and his brothers are viewed as heroes and found justice for their brother’s death. This is a significant

  • Wyatt Earp : The Fourth Of The Civil War

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    Wyatt Earp was born march 19, 1848 in Monmouth Illinois. Wyatt was the fourth of nicholas and virginia ann earp. He had two older brother James and Virgil and older sister martha. He also had a older half brother Newton. Wyatt also had two younger brothers warren and morgan and two little sisters virginia ann and adelia. Both virginia ann and martha died at childhood. Wyatt spent most of his childhood in Illinois and iowa. Wyatts three older brothers join the civil war on the union side. Wyatt tried

  • Film Analysis Of Wyatt Earp

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    encounter a group of outlaws called the Cowboys which was led by Curly Bill and Johnny Ringo. Due to some conflict between the opposing sides, it causes a massive gunfight called the O.K. Corral in which the Earp brothers and long-time friend Doc Holliday, played by Val Kilmer, ultimately win the battle. As a result of the fight not ending in the Cowboys favor, they ambush the town in which leads to Virgil, played by Sam Elliot (Tombstone, 1.), becoming handicapped and Wyatt’s younger brother, Morgan

  • Film Analysis Of The Film 'Easy Rider'

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    ‘Easy Rider’ Analysis America in the 1960’s was a time of turbulence and chaos. A nation divided in the midst of the counterculture movement that was sparked by a generational split and fueled by the Vietnam War, America was struggling for change. The New Hollywood took these issues into account and translated them onscreen. Films of the New Hollywood centered around the protagonist, often depicting them as an anti-hero, who suffered from alienation and conflict within society. In the film