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  • Queer Culture Has Long Been K.d. Lang, Ellen Degeneres, And Elton John

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    The faces of Queer Culture has long been K.D. Lang, Ellen Degeneres, and Elton John. While these icons represent the queer community in that they are gay individuals, they are not wholly representative of the community because there is no one "queer story." However, these icons all have cisgender, white privilege which results in a great dearth of representation for transgender, non-binary, and people of color in the media. Another issue with queer representation in the media is the differentiation

  • Comparison between Metropolis and Blade Runner

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    Comparison between Metropolis and Blade Runner From the silent epic of Fritz Lang Metropolis 1927 to Ridley’s Scott’s spectacular Blade Runner 1982 the connection between architecture and film has always been intimate. The most apparent concepts that connect these two films are the overall visuals of both films and their vision of city of the future. The futuristic city of both Scott and Lang are distinct in their landscapes, geography, and social structure. These two films sought to envision a

  • Analyzing the Twinkletoes, My Best Girl, and Metropolis Film Poster

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    The St Andrean film poster for Twinkletoes (Charles Brabin, USA, 1926), My Best Girl (Sam Taylor, USA, 1927), and Metropolis (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1927) signifies the rise of the star system and film production companies. Furthermore, it touches on the broadening of the local theatrical audience, the decline of the internationality of film, the popularity of female sexualization, the continued interest in spectacle, and the growing interest in the modern and futuristic. Additionally, the poster

  • German Expressionism And German Expressionism

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    The movements of German Expressionism and Japanese pre-war cinema produced trends greatly influenced by its historical context. These contexts contributed to shaping their own stylistic styles captured throughout the theme, mise-en-scene, and cultural ideologies. Although these two movements occurred in fairly similar time periods, they both occurred in different parts of the world which had a fundamental role in generating key contrasts between these movements. Both occurring in pre-war periods

  • Film Analysis Of Metropolis

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    The film Metropolis premiered on January 10, 1927 and is lauded as one of the Weimar era’s great films. The film was attractive immediately due to the scale of the sets and the cinematic innovations that were achieved by director Fritz Lang. Metropolis was created during a time when Expressionism and the Neue Sachlichkeit pervaded the film culture. The Neue Sachlichkeit was a response to Expressionism to appeal to a broader audience. Willy Haas discusses the sets in his review of Metropolis and

  • Mass Communication In Avatar

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    Dyadic and Mass Communication: Relational Messages in Avatar Name University Dyadic and Mass Communication: Relational Messages in Avatar Communication beliefs and practices evolve as relationships develop. In the film, Avatar, produced and directed by Cameron (2009), humans have already consumed the earth's resources, creating an energy crisis in 2154. As a result, the Resources Development Administration (RDA for short) seeks to mine a valuable mineral, unobtanium, in Pandora, a densely

  • Avatar Evolution

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    Avatar is a film set in 2154, where humans have run out of resources and have been spruing into a severe crisis of materials. However, a planet called Pandora is accessible to the humans, and offers rich materials, such as unobtanium. Pandora is a lush but deadly moon, located by the gas giant Polyphemus in outer space. Pandora’s atmosphere is poisonous to humans, but is inhabited by Na’vi, 10-foot tall, blue-skinned humanoids. They worship a Goddess called Eywa, and the clan’s main gathering place

  • The Sociological and Political Subtleties of Woodstock Essay

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    The Sociological and Political Subtleties of Woodstock The Woodstock festival descended on Bethel, New York promising three days of peace and music. Event organizers anticipated 15,000 people would attend but were overwhelmed by the 300,000 people that flooded this rural area of New York state from August 15 -17, 1969. While these facts are well known and indisputable, the festival itself has proven to be a controversial endeavor. What began as a small business venture was soon brimming with

  • Fritz Lang M: Analysis Essay

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    Fritz Lang's M (1931), contains both dialogue sequences and silent sequences with music or sound effects. Lang edited the sound as if he were editing the visuals. We are introduced to the murder in shadow when he speaks to a young girl, Elsie. We hear the conversation he makes with her, but we see only his shadow, which is ironically shown on a reward poster for his capture. Lang then set up a parallel action sequence by intercutting shots of the murderer with the young girl's mother. The

  • Rocky : A Rocky Training Montage

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    In cinema, there are many memorable scenes, but few are as iconic as a Rocky training montage. The horns from the montage’s music blast a feeling of triumph as you watch the fictional character, Rocky Balboa, train. The emotions from this scene can make the laziest person feel like they can run ten miles without the feeling of fatigue. Rocky is a series of six movies about a fictional boxer named Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, and the triumphs of his boxing career. Rocky has an exhilarating