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  • What Is An Athlete?

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    What is an athlete? If it’s someone who can zoom through a triathlon or an ultra race without breaking a sweat, I think that could exclude most of us, even those who play sports. For too long has the definition of an athlete been ingrained in the minds of individuals right from their early school days— the all-star players the crowd cannot stop looking at, whose numbers are forever remembered, and always make the front cover of the weekly newspaper. I, for one, beg to differ. While I have utmost

  • The Islam Means Peace Or Submission

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    Research Paper Rough Draft Islam means peace or submission. The followers of islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe that Allah (God) is the only God, is is a monotheistic religion. They also believe that Allah is beyond human comprehension, and we should never try to draw Allah as a being but instead beautiful, yet complicated patterns. Muslims also believe that Allah cannot become human, it is logically impossible, and that there were five prophets who were messengers of him, Noah, Abraham

  • Relation Between Islamic Spirituality And Sufism Beyond Ordinary Understanding

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    following the truth and turning the heart away from all else but Allah. Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi, wrote in his book Sufi Study of Hadith, “Tasawwuf is a name for the development of the inner and outer aspects of the individual, and there is not a single Quranic verse or hadith text which is not in some way related to it” (Name, page #). Famous Sufis such as Ali-Hujwiri claims that the Sufism started with Ali-Ibn-Abi-Talib, who was the fourth Caliph and nephew of Prophet Muhammad, peace be

  • The Most Dominant And Influential Empires

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    Ali then succeeded Uthman as the next caliph. Muawiya wanted the assassins responsible for Uthman’s death to be handed over, but Ali was unable to comply with his demands. This conflict led to the first Muslim civil war or fitna. Ali defeated Aisha, a supporter of Muawiya who was also the Prophet Muhammad’s widow, and other prominent Muslims at the Battle of the Camel, but then later lost to Muawiya at the Battle of Siffin in Syria. The civil war ended with no winner, but shortly after Ali was

  • The Battle of Badr Mentioned in the Q'uran

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    Introduction The Battle of Badr was a decisive battle in the struggle of Mohammad against the Meccan community. It was fought fifty miles southwest of Medina on March 13, 624 AD. The battle lasted a day and consisted of three hundred thirteen unarmed men, two horses, and seventy camels. The Meccan army consisted of around one thousand men, one hundred horses, and one hundred seventy camels. The battle resulted in fourteen deaths of Muslim forces and seventy deaths of Meccan forces. This battle

  • Short Story : ' A Lot Of Screaming '

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    to use the burka. Scene Ahmed says his goodbyes, and sits in the car and drives back to the capitol. Scene While Miriam, Ali and Hussein is riding, Miriam turns around and discover that Ahmed’s car is suddenly being shot at and the Iranian armies are attacking him. He is killed. Scene Hussein says that is nothing they could do, and that they have to keep going. Miriam, Ali and Hussein start to travel towards the borders of Turkey. Scene Nightfall, Hussein discovers a cabin in the mountains. It

  • The Sunni Shia And The Muslim Sunni Essay

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    Bakr the Prophet 's closest companion is the true successor. In contrast most Shias believe that Ali, who was the prophet 's cousin and son in law is the true successor. Abu bakr was the rightful heir to lead Muslims after the Prophet’s death. Abu Bakr was arguably his closest confidant throughout their lives, and Abu Bakr understood the Messenger teachings the best. It can also be argued that that Ali would be the fourth caliph instead of the first because choosing a successor to the Prophet based

  • Prominent Women Of Islam. Women Have A Great Influence

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    Prominent Women of Islam Women have a great influence on the religion of Islam and how it is seen both nowadays and in the past. We are lucky to have prominent women such as Ayesha bint Abu Bakr, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, Umm Salamah bint Abu Umayyah, Linda Sarsour, and Yasmin Mogahed. These women have strived for excellence and are some of the most outgoing people of our ummah. Ayesha bint Abu Bakr is one of the most prominent women of Islam. Amr ibn Aas thought he was the most beloved person

  • The, Matthew, And The Quran

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    Our Interpretation is Our Reality When an author begins to write a book they usually have a certain purpose in mind. They might want to convey a message or simply entertain their reader. In the three Abrahamic texts that we read; Genesis, Matthew, and the Quran, some would argue that the author 's purpose was to create a blueprint for how humans should live their lives; a rather daunting and consequential task. The main problem is written text, and especially text that was written in 1,400 BC,

  • Mohammad 's Creation Of A Trans Tribal State

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    Mohammad’s creation of a trans-tribal state occurred during his population of Medina. After he was persecuted in Mecca, Mohammad sought refuge in Medina. After successfully gaining protection from its tribes Mohammad sought to make Medina a better place. Mohammad immediately planted crops, created employment, found water alternatives, and created a town center. After surpassing necessities Mohammad moved on to his ultimate goal- a unified, religious state. Mohammad sought to make Medina a monotheistic