Lady Windermere's Fan

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  • Oscar Wilde Symbols

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    Oscar Wilde Symbols: Lady Windermere’s Fan and Earnests Handbag In the plays Lady Windermere’s Fan and The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde uses simple household items as symbols of complex themes and major plot points throughout his plays. Lady Windermere’s Fan represents her trust and the handbag Jack was found in is a symbol of family and lineage. The fan in the play Lady Windermere’s Fan is a symbol of Lady Windermere’s trust. It was first given to her by her husband, who she trusted

  • Morality of the Upper Class in Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermeres Fan

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    Morality of the Upper Class in Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermeres Fan Lady Windermere's Fan is a witty commentary on the wiles of social properness in late 19th century England. Oscar Wilde was a flamboyant homosexual understandably critical of the norms of his day. Within the play, lie subtle and overt contradictions about the "properness" of the high born upper-class. During the Victorian period, strict rules governed mannerisms, protocol, etiquette, decency, etc. This decorum became too oppressive

  • Comparison Essay in Victorian Plays

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    Point | Quote from Lady Windermere’s Fan | Analysis | Quote from Mrs. Warren’s Profession | Analysis | There are double-standards on society’s judgement of morality towards men and women | Action taken towards Lord Windermere when suspecting his involvement with Mrs. Erlynne-“take Windermere away at once to Homburg or to Aix, where he’ll have something to amuse him” and “feed the wretches well”vs. society’s view on Mrs. Erlynne upon suspecting her scandal-“these wicked women get our husbands away

  • A Streetcar Named Desire: the Importance of Being Earnest

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    Algernon and his butler, Lane, and from this point on the subject never disappears for very long. Algernon and Jack discuss the nature of marriage when they dispute briefly about whether a marriage proposal is a matter of “business” or “pleasure,” and Lady Bracknell touches on the issue when she states, “An engagement should

  • William Shakespeare 's Othello - Comedy And Tragedy

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    ENG 1001: ‘Nothing is funnier than unhappiness, I grant you that. Yes, yes, it’s the most comical thing in the world’ (Samuel Beckett). Wilde, Shakespeare and Beckett incorporate two genres in their plays that nursed a strong intrigue-interest (Jones, pg 26) – comedy and tragedy. According to Aristotle in his Poetics, tragedy in a play is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete and of a certain magnitude composed of plot, character, thought, diction, melody and spectacle, (Myers, pg

  • Aestheticism In The Decay Of Lying By Oscar Wilde

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    an illustration of how a “despised, mocked, abandoned, sneered at, […] an outcast” (Wilde. 42) female can sacrifice her reputation to save her daughter’s. Other women in the play are depicted to be the sheer representatives of the Victorian model, Lady Windermere is the example of the obeying wife whose concern is create the perfect atmosphere for her husband and child and to sacrifice for their sake “even if he had a thousand love you must stay with your child” (ibid. 43), in this respect, one can

  • Analysis Of Jane Austen 's ' Pride And Prejudice '

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    an outstanding playwright whose character’s complexity is comparable to Austen’s. To sum it up, certain characters in Pride and Prejudice are really complex and in order to explore their depth of thought, direct comparisons to characters in Lady Windermere’s Fan will be made, Starting with the arguably most complex of thought character in the book, Mr. Darcy. His change of character and perception of others is undoubtedly really strange. From being crude and treating Elizabeth with cold comments of

  • Murder In Romantic Poetry

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    Lady Windermere disagrees with her husband’s opinion that “you and she belong to different world” with an impressive argument: Lady Windermere. What are called good women may have terrible things in them, mad moods of recklessness, assertion, jealousy, sin. Bad women, as they are termed, may have in them sorrow, repentance

  • How Did Oscar Wilde Contribute In Society

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    aestheticism. He later published “The Picture of Dorian Gray” in 1891 and was criticized by the reviewers, but today it is considered one of the best works he had. As a writer, many of Oscar Wilde works well-recognized, one of this was in 1892 the “Lady Windermere’s,” in 1893 “A Woman of No Importance,” in 1895 “An Ideal Husband,” in 1895 “The Importance of being Earnest.” However, after the authorities find out of Oscar Wilde affair to a young man, he was arrested and this leads him to a poverty. He was

  • Life And Life Of Oscar Wilde's Personal Life

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    Personal Life Oscar Wilde was an author, poet, and playwright during the late Victorian era who was famous for his wit and the flamboyance of his work. He was born on October 16, 1854, in Dublin, Ireland. His parents were William Wilde and Jane Francesca Elgee. William Wilde was well known for his ear and eye surgery skills and he was knighted for the work he put toward the Irish medical census. William Wilde was also the founder of St. Mark’s Ophthalmic Hospital, a hospital that catered to