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  • Resturcturing Debt Data

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    payable, notes payable, and capital leases. This paper should satisfy any questions about these topics. Long-Term Liabilities Included are several types of long-term liabilities; bonds payable, notes payable, and capital leases. Each of these types of debts have some similarities and some differences regarding the reporting and disclosure requirements, so to better understand those requirements and ensure proper application of requirements, an

  • The Case Of The Salesman

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    The salesman has no duty to read the agreement to Letisha. Letisha is obligated to read and know what she signs and will be bound by its terms even if she doesn’t read them. Both parties are entitled to receive copies of the agreement. Sudson Washer and Dryer Service (“Sudson”) should make contracts easier to read and understand, as their customers are not experts in legal language. They can place verbiage such as “Page 1 of 2” or have the customer initial each page and each provision of the agreement

  • Lease Memo

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    owns. The FASB issued SFAS No. 13, “Accounting for Leases” to establish

  • Aslan V. Murphy (No.1) [1990] 1 Wlr 766 and Aslan V. Murphy (No.1) [1990] 1 Wlr 766 Case Study

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    JJ. Decision of Lower Courts: The decision was favour of the defendant (Murphy). It was held that the occupant is a tenant, not a licensee. Decision: Appeal Allowed, ------------------------------------------------- The case concerned land with leases and licences Case Name and Citation: Mikeover v. Brady [1990) 59 P. & C.R. 218 Court: Court of Appeal Judges: Slade L.J. and Lincoln J. Decision of Lower Courts: The decision was in favour of the Claimant (Mikeover). It was held that the occupant

  • Use Your Regular Bank Account For Credit Card Deposits

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    NEVER Use Your Regular Bank Account for Credit Card Deposits Very few merchants realize the substantial risk they are taking by having their credit card sales deposited into their regular bank account. When you sign up with a credit card processor you give the processor the right to withdraw funds from your bank account. This allows the processor to reverse sales when the customer files a complaint. It also allows the processor to take protective action if they suspect fraud. It is a common

  • Florida Month-To-Month Rental Agreement: A Case Study

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    Month-To-Month Rental Agreement A landlord of a residential property requires Florida Mont- To-Month Rental Agreement while leasing the property under month-to-month or lease contract. This document offers selection of one type of tenancy. The month-to-month type tenancy is renewable and revocable upon notice served by either of the party. The lease agreement on the other hand has a longer duration of the tenancy and it has a date of natural termination of the agreement. This rental agreement complies with

  • Asset and Builders Square

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    As a result of Kmart guaranteeing its subsidiaries leases, the value of this merger depends not only on the cash received, but also the credit worthiness and skill of the buyer. If the newly merged company fails, Kmart would be in a much worse position to pay off the debt then if they had just ran a nonprofitable

  • Market Analysis : Victor Alexander, New York City And Philadelphia

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    an interest in renewing their leases as soon as they expire. Investment Strategy This opportunity represents a Value-Add Investment strategy, a slightly

  • Boston Chicken Inc.

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    The company recorded this lease agreement as an operating lease instead of a financing lease which may not properly reflect the risks involved. Also, the company’s revenue recognition may lead to strewed information for investors. The company showed huge increases in royalties and franchise-related fees, but

  • Essay on The Ins and Outs of Service Charges for Flat Rentals

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    The ins and outs of service charges Services charges will be a common occurrence for those living in a flat, as they play a part in how the building is taken care of and maintained. Service charges are considered the only measurable and manageable way to cover the buildings maintenance costs. If you live in a converted house, odds are you won’t need to pat monthly service charges, but in some cases you may be asked to pay such charges either quarterly, half-yearly or annually, The purpose of service