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  • Essay The Church of Scientology: Copyright vs. Free Speech

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    The Church of Scientology: Copyright vs. Free Speech Abstract: In 1995, the Church of Scientology sued a number of parties, including the Washington Post, in an attempt to prevent the circulation of secret documents about the “religion.” This paper examines both sides of this issue, explores the implications to copyright law and the First Amendment, and describes the actual results of the case. The Church of Scientology is a global organization with over 270 churches or missions worldwide

  • The Death Penalty Is Justified

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    Micah Huffman Mrs. Cutler-Boyd World Literature 2 18 March 2015 Bloody America Imagine, just for a moment, a country where the government kills innocent people. Where people kill others for having black skin, the government kills the mentally ill, the government spends billions of dollars killing individuals. Where does this country thrive? Maybe a small third-world foreign country ruled by a cruel and wicked government? Probably an obscure country that no one has ever heard of? No. Believe it

  • Essay on Hate Groups on the Internet

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    The Web of Hate Technology has provided our society with numerous innovations that have been created to improve the quality of life on a daily basis. One such innovation is the Internet. The access to a wide variety of information is perhaps the most valuable tool, as well as the most important tool, that we have entering the twenty-first century. There are virtually no limits on how much can be achieved through the use of the Internet. This is not, however, necessarily a good thing. Most