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  • Somali Police Mediation Policy

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    from the Somali community, within the Lewiston Police Department. The establishment of a permanent state-funded Office of Multicultural Affairs within the Lewiston City Hall. These reforms will assist the local government in taking steps to create a dialogue that will ease racial tensions and help ensure Somalis and other refugees/immigrants are protected from hate crimes. It’s important to act proactively in dealing with the rise of hate crimes in Lewiston, because if there is no response to minor

  • Personal Narrative : Military Service Woman

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    Health Career Professions” program through Lewiston Regional Technical Center (LRTC). Over the summer, I began to read into what she had said to me. I started research. I browsed dozens of professions. I knew I wanted to work with children. So, I combined the two, and decided a Pediatric Nurse was my goal. When junior year arrived, I was accepted into LRTC’s “Exploring Health Career Professions” program. The first day we had an assembly in the gym of Lewiston High School. The people who oversaw LRTC

  • Reflection Paper On Community Engagement

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    Devyn Vermette Community Engagement SBS 350 I chose to do my Community Engagement experience at Tree Street Youth in Lewiston, Maine. The mission of Tree Street is: To support the youth of Lewiston-Auburn through programs rooted in academics, the arts, and athletics in a safe space that encourages healthy physical, social, emotional, and academic development while building unity across lines of difference. Upon reading this mission statement on their website, I determined that Tree Street

  • Case Study Essay

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    See Chapter 3 - Equal Employment Opportunity and Human Resources Management: Case Study 2: Misplaced Affections: Discharge for Sexual Harassment Peter Lewiston was terminated on July 15, 2008, by the governing board of the Pine Circle Unified School District (PCUSD) for violation of the district's sexual harassment policy. Prior to Lewiston's termination he was a senior maintenance employee with an above-average work record who had worked for the PCUSD for eleven years. He had been a widower since

  • Case Study

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    Evaluate the conduct of Peter Lewiston against the EEOC’s definition of sexual harassment. Analysis: GIlbury and Lewiston worked together for several years. Their relationship was “cooperative”. Gilbury reported their relationship began to change and Lewiston’s behavior was “out of the ordinary”. The EEOC’s definition of sexual harassment was his actions “created an extremely sexually hostile environment” Many coworkers stated Lewiston was a “lonely” guy. Lewiston sent Gilbury several cards on

  • Civil War : A Great Amount Of Tragedy For Over 20 Years

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    The Somalis have suffered a great amount of tragedy for over 20 years. The ongoing Civil War has nearly decimated their culture, people, and belief systems. After the downfall of the Barre Regime, the disagreement on a replacement leader made the country completely ungoverned and lawless (Castel & Kurata, 2004). War-lords and criminals have pushed to gain leadership, creating border-disputes and anarchy, causing over 400,000 Somali casualties (Castel & Kurata, 2004). With no economic stability, its

  • Sal's Relationship In Walk Two Moons

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    same footsteps of her mother. Sal stated that, “ One day I realized that our whole trip out to Lewiston had been a gift from Gram and Gramps to me, “ [ Creech 262 ]. The trip to Lewiston was a gift to Sal because it helped Sal realize that everywhere she went her mother was there in her exact footsteps, it made her believe her mother was not gone all the way. Now Sal believes her mother should stay in Lewiston. The text states, “ Lately, I’ve been wondering if there might be something hidden between

  • Fairview Essay Examples

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    same-day smiles, snap-on dentures, tooth extractions, and oral appliance solutions. Drs. Galen and Cody Haas are confident that every service they provide to their patients will be among the elite in Lewiston, ID, and the surrounding areas of Moscow, ID, and Pullman, WA. Dental Implants In Lewiston, ID

  • An Evaluation Of A Company And The Company 's Employees

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    Five individuals are each given a two hundred piece puzzle with two instructions, they can only put it together on their own and it has to be complete. The observer notices, one individual dumps the whole box out and quickly begins turning each piece over. Another begins grouping like images together while someone else is pulling out all border pieces. The fourth individuals is pulling out all of the middle pieces, and the fifth individual doesn’t have any pattern at all. Each one of these individuals

  • Edgar Lee Masters Research Paper

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    Masters was born on August 23, 1868 in Garnett, Kansas. His parents were Emma Jershua Masters and Hardin Wallace Masters. He grew up in the western Illinois farmlands of Petersburg and Lewiston, where his grandparents had settled in the 1820s. He went to school in both Petersburg and Lewiston, but graduated from Lewiston High School. He spent a year at a college preparatory school hoping to gain admission to Knox College (Lewis; Primeau). Instead of continuing with college, Lewis claims that Masters