Lower Peninsula of Michigan

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  • A Brief Note On Michigan 's Lower Peninsula

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    Watermarks Essay Michigan has a pretty unique shape compared to other states, and it has a very large water supply with the Great Lakes surrounding it. Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten, and its Upper Peninsula is shaped like your hand being held out to shake someone else’s hand with your thumb and pinky extended outward. These shapes are the reason people will reference their hands if you as a Michigander where they’re from. To clarify what Michigan looks like here is a picture

  • The Michigan Dogman Became A Part Of History

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    The Michigan Dogman became a part of history in 1887. A cryptozoological creature was reported in Wexford County, Michigan. The creature is described as a 7 foot tall, blue eyed, canine like animal. It is said to have the torso of a man and the fearful howl that sounds like a human scream. According to the legends, the dogman appears in 10 year cycles. The next cycle beginning again in 2020. Sightings of dogman have been reported in all of Michigan, even in the upper peninsula and southern Michigan

  • Michigan Water

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    Water Essay The state of Michigan has so many interesting facts. Those facts include the well-known Great Lakes and how it Influences the population and the environment. Also, an important fact is that Michigan came into being through erosion and the formation from huge glaciers. Over the years, many plants and animals came into existence in the both the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula. The state is one of leaders in the areas of production and manufacturing. Natives and settlers

  • Water Is A Vital Part Of Life On Earth

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    the State of Michigan. There are numerous ways water affects Michigan. However one should know something first of Michigan. The word Michigan in the French form of the Ojibwa word mishigamma is "large water." Michigan is the tenth most populated state, the capital of Michigan is Lansing. Also Michigan is the only state that has two peninsulas. The Lower Peninsula is in the shape of a mitten and that is where the capital can be found. The Upper Peninsula is connected to the Lower Peninsula by the Mackinac

  • The Secession In Michigan

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    Secession in Michigan Yooperland, Da U.P., and Yoopsconsin, are just some of the names that the residents of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula refer to as home. There have been many conversations throughout the years about the secession between the Yoopers in the U.P. and the Trolls down in Da Mitten. Dating back as far as 1836, a time when Michigan had won the U.P. by losing the Toledo Strip in the Toledo War, the talk of secession is nothing new. To change an economic lifestyle would be difficult, but

  • What Is The Difference Between Two Peninsulas

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    Michigan is made up of two peninsulas. The upper, and the lower. The lower being more Technologically advanced unlike the still rustic, and unaltered upper peninsula. These peninsulas can be similar but also very different from each other. These similarities and differences can be shown through culture, technology, communication, and other things. The upper peninsula of Michigan is very unaltered and rustic. Also lacking a lot of technology. Cell towers are few in numbers and lighting on

  • Water Erosion In Michigan Essay

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    contributors to the elevation levels of Michigan. Exclusively when it comes to the fifty states, the state of Michigan consists of two peninsulas, known as the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. The Upper Peninsula is bordered by Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, while the Lower Peninsula is bordered by Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie in the south. This map of Michigan that I included above illustrates how much or little the state of Michigan rises above sea level. As you can see from

  • Essay The State of Michigan

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    Michigan is the only state in the union composed to two separated peninsulas. At the closest point, the upper and lower peninsulas are a mere five miles apart. In the early twentieth century, the only way to make the trip across the five miles of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron was to take a boat ride from one side to the other. As businesses expanded and industry grew, the demand to cross the lakes for travel and commerce purposes grew. The only way to cross the lake was by means of a ferry service

  • How Water Made A Mitten

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    United States, finding the state of Michigan is not a difficult task. Michigan is a unique state in which it has a distinct and familiar shape, therefore commonly referred to as “the mitten” state. In addition the Lower Peninsula that is shaped like a mitten, the great state is composed of an addition peninsula. These two peninsulas are surround by 5 “great lakes”, which contains 18% of the world’s fresh water supply. The diverse shape and topography of Michigan can be attributed to the processes

  • The Effects Of Water On The Land Of Michigan

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    The land of Michigan has been hugely impacted by water throughout its entire formation. Michigan’s land is very diverse, the Upper Peninsula is surrounded by water and has many inland lakes but also has many mountains. The Lower Peninsula is much flatter, especially near the southern part of Michigan. All of these land structures were caused by water affecting the environment. The cycle of water, movement through all of the different forms of water, affects the land in all ways and each form that