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  • Marketing Goal : Indianapolis Sports

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    Marketing Goal Indianapolis has become a sports’ mecca. Ample options of sport have created an enormous market for the community and visitors to experience. One downfall of being in Indianapolis is the enormous amount of sport market competition. Entering into the sports market in Indianapolis can create an underdog feeling to an already competitive market share. Indy Fuel has to take the necessary steps in order to gain a competitive advantage from established organizations and not let history

  • Building Strange Bedfellows : Indiana Housing And Community Development Coalition

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    Building Strange Bedfellows – Indiana Housing and Community Development Coalition Toward the end of the 2015 meeting of the Indiana General Assembly (“Session”), it became evident that a few advocacy organizations were seemingly misinformed and disconnected from IHCDA policy positions. Rather than addressing these issues individually, IHCDA seized the opportunity to develop a much broader working group of advocates and experts that are connected to housing and community development in Indiana. After

  • Indiana Humanities

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    many groups, organizations, and businesses that highlight the importance of preserving German heritage though healthy bodies and the arts and humanities. The Atheaeum is also house to the Rathskeller Restaurant, which is the oldest restaurant in Indianapolis. Other tenants include the American Cabaret Theater, the Indiana German Heritage Society, a Young Actors Theatre, and even a YMCA. The Athenaeum also hosts a German Fest annually. People from all over Indiana are able enjoy German music, German

  • Development Of The Metropolitan Or Urban University Essay

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    having fewer institutions with a higher quality. As I young institution, only forty-seven years old, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has and is continuing to go through growth and establishing an identity as a regional campus. For this paper I will focus on Housing and Residence Life at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, and how it has grown since its inception. strategic management within the Division of Student Affairs, is the ongoing development of on-campus

  • Sports Stadiums : The Benefits Of Sports Stadiums

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    to the state, there is enough flow of money to make it worthwhile. With the construction of a stadium, it opens up new job opportunities for the city beginning with construction personnel. For example, when Lucas Oil Stadium was being built in Indianapolis in 2007, over 4,900 people were employed to assist with constructions. Lasting months, it allowed locals to generate money which further helped the flow of the economy. After construction ended in August of 2008, the stadium offered 4,200 permanent

  • Analysis Of Greenwood

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    Greenwood is a suburb of Indianapolis in Johnson County, Indiana. It's considered as the most populous suburb of the metro area. It was originally Lenape Indian territory they called Smocktown, then renamed Greedfield in 1825. By 1872, Greenwood became the official name in honor of Samuel Greenwood. The Polk Canning Company was the driving force for growth in the early years. This canning company canned vegetables grown in the state. It was eventually purchased by Stokely-Van Camp, which operated

  • Indiana Essay

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    Indiana is a Midwestern state known for its farmland. We have ten major cities in Indiana they are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne ,Evansville, South Bend, Carmel, Bloomington, Hammond, Gary, Lafayette and Columbus.Indiana is predominantly rural areas there are are some large cities.Since we mostly rural state,we have to depend on other things.Indiana’s major industries are manufacturing, agriculture,mining and services industries. Car and car parts were the number one exported product for years , the pharmaceutical

  • The Keep Indianapolis Beautiful : A Great Appreciation For Art, Nature And Sense Of Community

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    The “ Keep Indianapolis Beautiful” organization is the reason there is a great appreciation for art, nature and sense of community in Indianapolis. As we know it today, Indianapolis is at its highest peak in employment and rated as one of the best cities to relocate to in America for better careers and quality of life. However, back in the 1940’s Indianapolis was referred to as a “raw, dirty and unkept city…”, a city people should avoid. Gangs, drugs, loitering and other illegal acts surfaced many

  • Conspiracy Theory Of Pizzagate

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    The spread of fake news can be detrimental and life altering without checking the validity of sources and facts before passing on such news to others. Pizzagate was a conspiracy theory that went viral during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign, which alleged there was a child-sex ring taking place and the top Democrats had something to do with it (Pizzagate: A Slice of Fake News). Some believe it all started when John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, had his email account hacked

  • Write An Essay On The Event In Las Vegas

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    When a human life is taken unexpectedly it’s unfortunate; when 58 people are murdered and 489 others wounded then it is a cataclysmic disaster. This is exactly what happened on what was meant to be a fun filled night in Las Vegas the evening of October 1, 2017. Thousands gathered in the “Sin City” to enjoy an outdoor concert when fire opened unexpectedly on all those innocent lives. I distinctly remember waking up the following morning, turning on the news to reveal the carnage, and feeling a sense