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  • Math Teaching Experience : My Math Solving Experience In The Math Classroom

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    My math teaching experience went with students who are in third grade. In my group I had four students, where was one ELL student. They were struggling in math as per their teacher, especially in subtracting big numbers with zeroes. I had to reteach subtraction, three or two digit number, as needed, from three digit number. And concentrate on subtractions from zeroes. Everything started great, the kids were exiting, as of they are going out of the room. We sat down in the hall and it was

  • My Experience with Math

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    first obstacle with this course was to admit to myself that I had created my own fear of math. I had fully produced what I now view to be a huge challenge. The inevitable had finally arrived. I had postponed my taking this math class for close to ten years. I was now at age 29 sitting in a math class that I had avoided through out my collegial career. So here I was, struggling from the beginning, prior to a math problem even being placed on the board. I was struggling with the bigger problem of fear

  • My Math Experience

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    My earliest math memory was in Elementary school; it was a time that I completely understood what I was supposed to do (math wise at least). It was in middle school that I was introduced to different math equations and formulas. At the time I had enjoyed the way that these can be applied to the shapes that were given and the variety of ways to solve one problem. In 2013 I was accepted into Mt. Edgecumbe High School, where the math program was one of the many aspects that were different in comparison

  • My Experience In Math

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    I believe everyone is capable of learning math. Everyone has struggled with something in life, and I always had a struggle with mathematics. When I used to live in Illinois I didn't really struggle a lot in math till I got into the fourth grade. I was in a class with fourth and fifth graders, we would always do assignments and take tests and I always made bad grades on it. It always took me a while to understand things and I wasn't engaged in math so I always got distracted. Also i thought about

  • Math Experience In My Life

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    At an early age, I was bad at math, yet I knew it would be my passion. Throughout elementary school, I gave into the idea that I lacked intelligence enough to pursue mathematics seriously in school, and later on in my life. Nonetheless, math found itself back into my life during my middle school years and solidified its presence within my life. I was the dumb kid in class, unable to add and subtract, unable to memorize the multiplication table. Before, I found joy in knowing. To this date I remember

  • My Experience Of Math And Education

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    your strengths and weaknesses, enjoying some classes more than others. As I was learning about all the different subjects I found myself gravitating towards math and science more than the other subjects. I would always enjoy those classes more than say my English class where I was not “gifted and talented” like I was in my early days of math. Concluding in my elementary school mind that I was not very good at English that stuck to me and would influence my thought of my literacy talent for a while

  • My Math Experience Reflection

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    As I reflect on my first four week of algebra I recall being very skeptical that I could learn and complete a mathematics course with a passing grade. Thats because I had not taken a mathematics course since graduating high school in 1999. I struggled with match in high school and never really felt overly confident that I could learn and apply mathematics in real life. Over the past four weeks I have learned a great deal of information and how algebra can be applied in real world applications. The

  • My Experience, Math, And Literacy Experiences In Elementary School

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    develop essential math and literacy skills. It was my objective to enhance their self-esteem through improvement in academic skills and ignite a passion for learning in a safe and caring environment. Starting out first as a tutor, then becoming coordinator, I have volunteered with Learning Buddies Network for more than a year now. Being a tutor for two terms, I helped elementary students who struggled with math to learn the fundamentals. My buddy, Jacob, had struggled with ADHD and math for a majority

  • My Experience In My Math Class

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    I was always good at math. In third grade, this meant finishing classwork faster than my peers and getting all the answers right. I only had one real competitor in math-- another student. That is, until I was promoted to the enriched math class, where everyone was around my level. For the remainder of elementary school, I participated in all the math competitions offered at my school. My definition of being ‘best’ then was doing well on math competitions, as I usually did. I still have my purple

  • My Open Math Is A Direct Learning Experience

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    Using My Open Math is a direct learning experience. The home page is set up so that the user can log in with ease, you do not have to click around to a sign in page to input the login information. Even though that may not seem like a hassle, it seemed to be somewhat of a burden when logging into Pearson’s MathLab. Once logged in, it shows the courses being taken on the left in plain sight. This again is a nice feature, as it doesn’t issue any strain on the user trying to do an assignment. Once