My Experience with Math

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This course had forced me to analyze the psychological effects one's negative thinking has in impacting the ability to embrace a situation that originally may be perceived as fear. My first obstacle with this course was to admit to myself that I had created my own fear of math. I had fully produced what I now view to be a huge challenge.

The inevitable had finally arrived. I had postponed my taking this math class for close to ten years. I was now at age 29 sitting in a math class that I had avoided through out my collegial career. So here I was, struggling from the beginning, prior to a math problem even being placed on the board. I was struggling with the bigger problem of fear. I was automatically, subconsciously closing off any …show more content…

The second class was not as easy. By the end of the class I was frustrated and struggling with each math problem that was being written in a language so foreign to me that I felt as if I had been transplanted to another continent. Ms. Most took the time to walk through the problems with those of us who we were struggling. By the end of the second class it was agreed that I would undergo a daily

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