Matthew the Evangelist

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  • St. Matthew page from the Gospel Book of Durrow

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    Essay: Compare and contrast the St. Matthew page from the Gospel Book of Durrow with the St. Matthew page from the Coronation Gospels.  What does this comparison demonstrate about the cultural and artistic influences exchanged in Europe?  Do these images reveal ties to earlier cultures?  Provide both context and formal analysis in the course of your answer while considering the production techniques required to create illuminated manuscripts. The Gospel of Matthew was written in various cultures’ books

  • There Was Only One Lead By Pastor Marc

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    I have advised Pastor Marc that due the questions about his time management they he might move to a schedule more like the one I sent out the everyone during my time at St. Matthew. One that would have specific times I was in meetings and not available to talk. This would also provide key leadership with a report of How God is working through the things that Pastor Marc was doing. He seemed resistant to that kind of reporting

  • Art Analysis Of The Calling Of St Matthew

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    This essay will analyze, The Calling of St Matthews, an oil on canvas painting made between the years of 1599-1600 by the artist, Caravaggio. Descriptive details of this painting will follow, which will allow an in-depth look into the elements and principles of design that are evident in this Caravaggio’s work. The Calling of St Matthew illustrates a religious scene where Jesus initially encounters Saint Matthew. Most striking is the group of well-dressed young and old men who have gathered around

  • Sermon On The Mount Chapter 1 Summary

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    The book of Matthew, The Sermon on the Mount is one account of what Jesus taught during his walk on earth. Many people of that time witnessed the sermon and were amazed and astonished, not from what was said, but how it was said. The multitudes of people felted as if Jesus was truly the authority of God. The purpose of this essay is to offer a critical review of the writing that was presented in class. Jesus taught that every man has some decisions to make on their journey to the land of milk and

  • The Common Era Fransisco Goya

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    them The one man who’s not cowering is standing there with open arms ready to embrace the sacrifice he’s making for his country. Around 1599-1600 of the common era Caravaggio painted The Calling of Matthew. This painting is of the tax collector Matthew being called upon by Christ. More specifically Matthew is sitting with his fellow tax collectors counting the money collected from the day. When looking at these works they both give me a strange feeling. Goya’s painting is more depressing than anything

  • The Sermon On The Mount

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    Sermon Outline Draft (25mins) Text Announcement – Matthew 7:13-14 – 1 Minute max Scripture Introduction Our text for today is found in the “Gospel of Matthew” Written by: Levi aka Matthew a disciple of Christ Between AD 50-70 Written by a Jew, to Jews and about a Jew The purposes of Matthew’s Gospel are many, one being to convince the Jews that Jesus of Nazareth is the promised Jewish messiah. Context – 2 mins Our text finds its place in the section famously called “The sermon on the mount”. This

  • Caravaggio And The Caravaggesque

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    Francesco first noticed Caravaggio after observing one of his paintings, The Cardsharps ( 1594 ), the Cardinal, upon seeing such talent, had Caravaggio go work for Cardinal Matthew Contarelli, in the Contarelli Chapel. The two paintings Caravaggio made were, The Calling of Saint Matthew (1599- 1600) and, The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew (1599 -

  • The Story Of The Gadarene Demoniacs

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    Introduction The story of the Gadarene demoniacs in Matthew 8:28-9:1 begins with the conclusion of another miracle. After calming a storm out at sea, Jesus disembarks in Gadara. He encounters two possessed men living in the tombs who are making it difficult for people to pass by. The men recognize Jesus as the Son of God and call out to him defensively. Before Jesus even acknowledges them, the demons ask to be sent to a heard of swine, if they are to be cast out. Jesus simply says “Go!” and the demons

  • Spiritual Meaning In Art

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    spirituality in their work. These works are, Calling of St Matthew by Caravaggio, The Ecstasy of St Theresa by Bernini, and Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. Specific elements of content where all used throughout these works to display how the religious meaning was presented. Many other works share what they worked have in relation to spiritual meaning, however these works do an extraordinary job of showing it. The Calling of St Matthew was done by Caravaggio from 1599 to1600. The material that

  • Essay about Caravaggio's First Inspiration of St. Matthew

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    subjects, was often criticized and rejected by his patrons. In a journal article written by Troy Thomas, entitled "Expressive Aspects of Caravaggio's First Inspiration of Saint Matthew", these rejected paintings are discussed. The article focuses on the themes of these rejected works, but namely Inspiration of St. Matthew, and uses these themes to prove the work's validity. This painting is compared and contrasted to other similar, accepted works of the time as well, to help show that the work was