Spiritual Meaning In Art

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Spiritual Meaning in Art Throughout the duration of the history of art there has been many works that have displayed spiritual meaning. This essay will list multiple work that show spirituality in their work. These works are, Calling of St Matthew by Caravaggio, The Ecstasy of St Theresa by Bernini, and Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. Specific elements of content where all used throughout these works to display how the religious meaning was presented. Many other works share what they worked have in relation to spiritual meaning, however these works do an extraordinary job of showing it. The Calling of St Matthew was done by Caravaggio from 1599 to1600. The material that was used in order to paint this was oil on canvas. A quote shows how Caravaggio uses the composition in this painting “The Calling of Saint Matthew can be divided into two parts. The figures on the right form a vertical rectangle while those on the left create a horizontal block. The two sides are further distinguished by their clothing and symbolically, by Christ's hand.” Caravaggio’s use of light in this piece is done in such a way where it adds drama into the painting. With the use of light everyone is in the shadow and there are only two people who are in direct light. By doing this is specifically showcases these two people while making the others seem as if they are hidden. The man in the light is St Matthew and the reason that the light is on him is because he is being called by Jesus. As the

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