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  • Health Case Study

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    results in death or survival with no disabilities so there are no other methods of prevention to discuss. The primary issue with EVD is that the locations in which this disease usually appears is not prepped for the rapid treatment and management of many of these cases. The patients are hypovolemic, vomiting, require constant aid to prevent hyper-perfusion of the organs and all the while require PPE (Bah et al., 2015). Not only is this strenuous on any health-care personnel, it requires intense staffing

  • Guinea Grass And The Mango Tree

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    The wingspan of a megabat can range from 6cm to 1.7m and they weigh up to 3.5lb. Their diet consists of vegetables, nectar, coconut, and mango. Megabats help pollinate flowers by storing pollen on their chests; this is an example of interdependency between producers and consumers. Therefore, the fruit bat concomitantly serves an abiotic

  • Bat Research Papers

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    then I think bats are the best choice for you. Bats are nocturnal, warm-blooded mammals belonging to the order Chiropter, a Greek name meaning "hand-wing", which describes their unusual feature. The species of bats are divided into two groups, the Megabats and Microbats. There are over 900 species of bats, living for 10-30 years, that are discovered and classified. Bats are one of the few fascinating mammals that can take flight, devour a variety of foods, and can survive almost anywhere. Bats are

  • Echolocation Is A Sensory Ability That Uses The Reflection

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    lack of eyesight by being able to hear at very high frequencies. Hearing at an incredible range allows Microbats ears to cooperate with an incredible technique they use called echolocation. Now there are two major groups bats are divided into, Megabats and Microbats. Only Microbats use echolocation and as mentioned before, echolocation is the use of emitting high frequency sound waves to their environment giving “visual” guidance to the Bat. Toothed whales are within the cetacean species and consist