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  • Hunting Knife Research Paper

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    If you want to be on the cutting edge when it comes to hunting knives, you may want to do a bit of research into the different styles and brands of knives that are available and determine which one will best suit your needs. Hunting knives come in different styles. The fixed blade hunting knife are excellent for field dressing big game, but less convenient to carry than an folding hunting knife. The fixed blade style requires a good quality sheath so that it can be carried safely in the field. A

  • Tips When Buying A Hunting Knife

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    If you are planning to buy a hunting knife, make sure that you have a clear idea about your preferences as a hunter. You do not want to buy a knife that will just end up in your drawer later on. At this point, think about what type of hunting do you want and ask yourself if you prefer a small game or a big one. You may also think about how often you hunt. Do you want to carry a hunting knife with you all the time or just when you need it? After you define your goals and preferences, do some research

  • Short Story

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    knives. John’s family made the best knives in the town of Yetmish; it’s what he was known for. One evening John was at his shop smelting and he made a new blade called the Dragon. The Dragon was a 13 inch blade, stainless steel. It was the newest hunting knife. It was one of the

  • How The Fold Knife Shop

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    I. The Fold Knife Shop was established in 2014 by an Albuquerque, New Mexico knife enthusiast. The shop carries both combat and tactical knives, including folding knives, fixed blade, automatic/assist blades, boot knives, neck knives, daggers, bayonets and combat axes and hatchets. The Fold also sells high quality kitchen and culinary knives and sets, as well as, horticulture knives used for pruning, budding and gardening. In addition to prefabricated knives, The Fold, sells blade blanks and

  • Reflective Essay: The Vietnam War

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    if one of us fell, we all did. We safely made it to a forested section about halfway up the mountain and I questioned if anybody had to take a piss. They all shook their heads and sat down to take a rest, leaving me to be the only one who actually had to use the restroom. I walked about 200 yards away looking for a place with little animal markings to not upset their homes. At this distance the boys were completely out of view and hearing range unless they yelled at the top of their lungs. With

  • Short Story

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    told Zach calmly. His chest rises immensely letting out a deep breath. “You should have thought about that before” He said pressing his silver hunting knife closer to my throat. A chill runs down my spine. “You should have just kept your mouth closed and none of this would have happened”. I swallowed the lump in my throat that pressed up against the knife. Gripping my hands around his muscular forearm, I try to tug his arm away from me. “I wasn't going to tell anyone”. Deep hollow cracks of amusement

  • B4c Weaknesses

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    Most successful businesses around the world go to great lengths to analyze their respective company to dial in their efficiency, growth, well-being and overall success. One analysis that should never be overlooked in business is the SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis is part of a company's strategic planning process where it connects its objectives and strategies to actionable tactics carried out by employees. Specifically, SWOT is part of the situation analysis, where the company determines where

  • Twelve Angry Men

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    leave the open court to go to a private room calculus – a complicated mathematical process belligerently – in a hostile or angry manner monopoly – the exclusive ownership of a business switch knife – more commonly referred to as switchblade, one whose spring-loaded blade is concealed inside the body of the knife proposition – a deal; bargain bickering – arguing mugging – a physical attack to take money or goods from another person breeding ground – a place

  • Creative Myth Essay

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    could kill anyone if you’re the target. Also the other power he had is o He had two types of secret weapon in his pockets. One is the hand bladed, is a spearheaded shaped knives, complete with a handle and a hole. It doubles as a light weight throwing knife and close combat melee weapon. The hole may be attached to string or wires. Due to the

  • The Slice Of A Knife

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    The Slice of a Knife He didn’t look that dead. Apart from the river of blood rushing out the gaping neck wound, he looked pretty much the same as he did a few minutes before. His hand was still clasped around his bottle of beer and face was still frozen in a permanent gaze of boredom. The only thing different about James’s face was the single tear that rolled down his cheek and hung on the cliff of his chin amongst his stubble. As it fell from his face, his body smashed forward into the wooden table