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  • Research Paper On Breaking Cosmic Ice

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    south pole. Neutrinos are infinitesimally small and nearly massless particles that surround us at any given moment. Roughly one trillion from the Sun pass through a human's eyes every second, and they come in three types (called flavors): electron, muon, and tauon neutrinos, each name corresponding to three charged particles with which they pair. Since they interact so rarely, it's extremely

  • Tau Neutrino Research Paper

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    The big difference between the neutrino flavors and their counterparts is their energy levels and creation. Electron neutrinos are made through weak interactions involving electrons, while muon and tau neutrinos are created through a more stronger interaction with their counterparts. However, both neutrinos and their counterparts, known as antineutrinos, interact with other matter only through the gravitational and weak forces. For years

  • Abstract On Selection Performance

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    \section{Selection Performance} All the selection steps have been designed using MC simulation, and show a good agreement with the data. Additionally, the selection efficiency and purity as a function of each step are shown schematically in~\cref{fig:EvtSel_SelEffPur}. The BDT cut massively enhanced the purity of the positron selection as shown in~\cref{fig:EvtSel_EffPurParticleNue}. Although the veto cuts reduced the positrons efficiency and purity, they have increased the purity and efficiency

  • Salon Community Report

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    and the community. I understand why she feels this way, because not only does the customers there give her a difficult time, the owner gives her a difficult time in addition. Ms. Nguyen reflected on what she wants to change in this community, “Tôi sẽ muốn thay đổi những khí của của cửa hàng sau khi chủ đến trong việc làm. Tất cả mọi thứ đang rất căng thẳng khi cô ta xuất hiện. (I would want to change the aura of the shop after the owner comes in for work. Everything is so tense when she comes in)” (Nguyen

  • Vibrational Bonding

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    Chemistry World. Hadlingtons’ use of technical language is suitable for scientific readers but also acknowledges readers of non-science backgrounds and defines some complex chemistry terms, for example Hadlington provides readers with the meaning of Muons. Having said this, there are times where the scientific language used was not consistent for a casual reader. This is observed when the author becomes more advanced with the talk of quantum mechanical parameters. Prior explanation of this concept would

  • Optimization Of Radiation Spectroscopy Equipment For Airborne Radionuclides

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    discriminating against cosmic radiation that are currently used in this field or methods used in other fields (particle physics, spacecraft design etc.) that could be adapted to this purpose. • A selection process of four ɣ-ray reduction methods, two muon reduction methods and two neutron reduction methods will take place (these numbers are arbitrary but have been chosen due to the time constraints of the project). • These eight methods will be modeled using Monte Carlo (MC) simulations to estimate

  • How to Say I Am Sorry in English and Vietnamese

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    Subject: Cross-cultural communication CULTURAL COMPARISON OF SAYING “I’M SORRY” BETWEEN AMERICAN AND VIETNAMESE OUTLINE Sorry is one of the most popular phrases in American English. Americans say “sorry” as an everyday idiom while Vietnamese rarely say “xin lỗi”. In American culture, the phrase “I’m sorry” doesn’t only refer to an apology but also express a lot of other meanings such as: sympathy, politeness and so on. Because of the limitation of time, we just refer to the habit

  • Sop For Mba Personal Statement Sample

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    Mioduszewski, I was responsible for developing code (C++) to create Monte-Carlo simulations of Au-Au collisions in the Star Detector at RHIC. I analyzed the survival probably of muons and other background particles before and after applying certain survival conditions. In addition to my research experience, my education gives me a strong understanding of physics related to this work, as well as preparing me for the physics-based

  • New Physics Essay

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    What is the (next accessible) scale of new physics? We do not have a clear answer. We are living through a challenging and exciting era, in sharp contrast to the situation in the past (half) century in physics. The discovery of the Higgs boson, the determination of the non-zero $\theta_ {13} $ neutrino mixing parameter, the first detection of gravitation waves, and many significantly improved experimental probes for new physics beyond the standard model mark the great triumphs of our understandings

  • The Discovery Of The Higgs Boson

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    The universe is weird. Its positively maddening how, despite knowing so much, we humans only know four percent of all the knowable stuff the universe has to tell. New discoveries are being made every day about multitudes of subjects. Cures for diseases, new background into the first organisms to inhabit the planet, and new advances in personal technology occur so often that it may be difficult to be shocked by the world around us. However every so often a discovery is made, and an experiment goes