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  • The Music Video Of Hong Kong

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    released their official music video of the song, "Ong Ong", on June 3rd 2015. The whole music video is weird to most people because of its image covering with pink color and cute figures. The song is from the album called The Magic Whip. According to the video featuring the interviews of makings this album, the song is made in Hong Kong, and the song 's name, "Ong Ong" is actually derived from Hong Kong. This means that the song is about Hong Kong, and a lot of locations in Hong Kong are mentioned in the

  • Difference Between Hong Kong And Korean Music

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    Music Culture among Hong Kong, Japan and Korea Introduction Nowadays, music becomes a part of our life. People are listening music to every day. There is no age, languages and geographical boundary limitation. Interestingly, people not only listening music in their country but also others. Focus on the Asian, the music influence among Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. At first, Hong Kong music is the most famous until Japan and Korea music grow up and Korea music becomes dominates others. Now, Korea music

  • Music And Political Conflict Between Hong Kong And China

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    The Sociology of music has become a hot-button field of study in worldwide in recent years. The purpose of this research essay is to explore the connections between music and political conflict between Hong Kong and China. Through understanding the current conflict circumstance arose in Hong Kong and China, I intend to demonstrate the penetrating power of music, as a social transmitter of messages, within the society. Besides, it is also important to understand the perspective of different actors

  • A Descriptive Study of the Practice of Music Therapy in Hong Kong

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    HONG KONG BAPTIST UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY OF THE PRACTICE OF MUSIC THERAPY IN HONG KONG By LAM HOI YAN April, 2007 04002865 ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to examine the development of music therapy in Hong Kong. Specifically, a number of related issues were studied including definition of music therapy, the origin of music therapy, the recent developments in music therapy in China, establishment of a music therapy session, and the setting of

  • Pop Culture Summary

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    “Popular forms of entertainment have always existed.” Popular culture exists not just in the recent hundred years, but also in the ancient world. Marcel Danesi wrote ‘Popular Culture: Introductory Perspectives’ to introduce different way of existence of the modern-day popular culture, in order to open up debates on the pop culture. There are twelve chapters in this book, the first three chapters are providing an overview of popular culture. The following eight chapters are depth discussion on the

  • Why Houston And Hong Kong

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    There are two cities that I found to have apparent differences from one another. Houston and Hong Kong come with various differences, and who could have known that Houston and Hong Kong have so many different features? Houston and Hong Kong are vastly different from each other when it comes to the three main features - education, transportation, and domestic life. Houston and Hong Kong have distinct differences in education. On the one hand, the weekly duration and the amount of hours spent in

  • Basic Law in the Chinese Government

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    practiced in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region including the social and economic systems, the system for safe-guarding the fundamental rights and freedoms of its residents, the executive, legislative and judicial systems and relevant policies, shall be based on the provisions of the law. No law enacted by the legislature of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall contravene this law.” In other words, the Basic law is more superior in comparison with other laws in Hong Kong. In the essay

  • China 's Culture During The 20th Century

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    upon in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Following the social reforms, post-Mao China was ripe for reintroduction of culture, and Taiwan’s close proximity and similar origins helped smooth the transition and pave the way for China’s return from the cultural dark ages. With the establishment of the treaty ports, Western culture poured into Shanghai and mixed with local Chinese culture. One main expression of this cultural fusion was in jazz music, which was renowned throughout Asia. Although jazz music first popularized

  • The Impacts And Effects Of Pop Music In Korea

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    Pop music in Korea, as known as K-pop, is in vogue. It is not only popular in Korea, but countries all over Asia and even in Europe. Every teenage has heard one or two K-pop songs. In fact, similar tread occurred before. Canto-pop (Hong Kong pop music) and J-pop (Japanese pop music) also become popular in the world since 1980s and 1970s. In this essay, backgrounds of the pop music will be discussed. The differences in pop music among these three places and the impacts made will be included. In the

  • Case Study of Disneyland Hong Kong: Where's the Magic?

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    Disneyland Hong Kong: Where's the Magic? Historically, the film, music and theme park powerhouse encompassed by the Disney Corporation has enjoyed massive success in exporting its brand, identity and products internationally. And on a domestic scale, Disney's theme parks and resorts have achieved a level of success fully unparalleled in the tourism amusement industry. However, success on a similar scale remains quite elusive where the international theme park industry is concerned. Just as Disney