NFC Championship Game

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  • The Rugby Game : My Favorite Team In Football

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    Cowboys, has lost their last game against the Green Bay Packers with a final score of 35 to 31. The Cowboys had a chance in the dying minutes of the game to score and win the game. This fanfiction is going to be a bizarre twist on the of the last two minutes of the game with the commentators' speech. The commentators' names are Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. I am also going to change the magnitude of the game to the winner goes to the Super Bowl so this is the NFC Championship game. “The score is thirty-five

  • Green Bay Case Study

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    win legions of Green Bay fans watching collectively gasped. As Nelson crumpled to the frozen tundra Cheesehead Nation had to immediately wonder how 1.) the the end result of an obviously serious injury would translate not just for the rest of that game (he didn't return) but also for the remainder of the post season. And 2.) why Hall wasn't flagged, ejected or both amidst a closely contested contest to that point which saw the Giants clinging to a 3-0 lead. Funny thing, though, that happened upon

  • Panthers Research Paper

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    Front-runner In Carolina’s two games this postseason, the Panthers have jumped out to huge leads. Leading 31-0 against the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional Round and 24-7 against the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game at halftime of both games, the Panthers have become accustomed to front-running. Carolina has been a front-running team all year, scoring early and often en route to a league-high 15 wins. If the Panthers can get out to a big early lead against the Broncos, Denver’s offense

  • Art Briles Case Study

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    It's a crazy world that we live in. So crazy, in fact, that even when a coach turns a blind eye while a massive sexual assault scandal implodes the very program he helped turn into a national powerhouse, is still considered one of the premiere coaching candidates in college football. Art Briles, the soon-to-be 61-year old former Baylor Head Coach is looking for work. His entire life, both playing and coaching has been spent in the state of Texas, dating back to his playing days from 1974-1977 for

  • Movie Report : Cinderella Stories

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    that question a little better. Cinderella stories are constantly arising and are one of the reasons sports are so enjoyable. It is important to conduct this research because it needs to be brought to people’s attention that sports are more than just a game with a winner and a loser. Sports are stories that are told through action. Sports introduce us to cinderella stories who make our experience that much more enjoyable. Cinderella stories are a huge part of the athletic world and they deserve so much

  • Anthem Racism Essay

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    the 1968 Olympics runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos held a fist in the air while wearing beads and cloth for shoes to protest the lynching and poverty of African-Americans. And in 1996, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, a point guard in the NBA, was suspended a game for sitting during the National Anthem. His reason for sitting was that it was against his religion. He was scrutinized for this and after his contract was up he never played in the NBA again, and this was during the prime of his career. During the

  • Football Playoff Game Analysis

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    top-25 team to make the playoff. For some it will not take much (Alabama) for some it will take the near impossible and their best chance is to play spoiler. By understanding other team’s chances to make the playoffs we can see why each game is important and how each game affects the Badgers. Keep in mind that in the last two years, teams that ranked in the double digits made the playoff. Who could it be this year…? The rankings we will be going off are the playoff rankings that were revealed Tuesday

  • Female Professional Sports Than Male

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    Yes, and one of the main reasons form that I see is that there are not as much female professional sports than male. When I look at college sport pages and you look at the sports there are more female sports than boys’ sports at some schools. Even though they have more sports to play most of them has no opportunity further they sport careers. In the Playing Unfair video it said “we infrequently see images of women athletes as athletes” this got me thinking of RSM 317 and the 6 ways the media portrays

  • Compare And Contrast Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manning

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    at Tom Brady or Peyton Manning you usually only think of one word “Greatness” both were/are long time franchise quarterbacks that helped define a generation of football rivalries as over their careers they faced off Seventeen times with five of the games happening in the playoffs. But to really start to compare these two quarterbacks you need to look at the beginning of their careers. Peyton manning was a heisman winning Quarterback coming out of the University of Tennessee who was projected as a

  • Persuasive Essay On Preparing For A Game

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    Preparing for a game is done different by every player. It is a task people take seriously. In a way there is no “right” way to properly prepare for a game. A bare minimum or on a regular basis, staying hydrated, eating well, and keeping top notch sleeping habits will help preparation for a game. To some extreme precautions are taken, to some just a routine will do, to some countless hours of study will do, to some two chocolate chip cookies right before a game will do, to some all of the above