The Rugby Game : My Favorite Team In Football

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`Authors Note: I am upset because my favorite team in football, the Dallas Cowboys, has lost their last game against the Green Bay Packers with a final score of 35 to 31. The Cowboys had a chance in the dying minutes of the game to score and win the game. This fanfiction is going to be a bizarre twist on the of the last two minutes of the game with the commentators' speech. The commentators' names are Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. I am also going to change the magnitude of the game to the winner goes to the Super Bowl so this is the NFC Championship game. “The score is thirty-five to thirty-one with the Packers leading. The Cowboys have received the ball on their own twenty-five-yard line with one minute and thirty-two seconds left in the ball game” Joe states. The Cowboys must score a touchdown for them to win the ball game. “Dak Prescott takes the snap, looks deep, but dumps it off to Elliot for a pick up of twelve yards and a first down! Elliot, however, stayed in-bounds so the clock keeps running” Troy Aikman exclaims. The Cowboys ended up spiking the ball on their own thirty-two-yard line to stop the clock with one minute and ten seconds. “Yeah boys! Great bocking o-line and great play Elliot. If we play like this we will win this game for sure” Dak Prescott, the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, encouraged to Ezekial Elliot the rookie running back that has been a key factor in the Cowboys’ latest success. “Prescott hikes the ball and hands off

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