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  • Essay on Homer's Odyssey: Foreshadowing the Homecoming

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    The Odyssey:  Foreshadowing the Homecoming   The majority of the Odyssey is an account of Odysseus’ adventures trying to reach his homeland of Ithaka. Several of these adventures are false homecomings, the most prominent of which is his imprisonment on Kalypso’s island. This false homecoming is strikingly different from what one would expect of Odysseus’ real homecoming, but similar enough for parallels to be drawn between the two. Homer uses this false homecoming to foreshadow Odysseus’

  • The Day Of The Homecoming Football Game

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    “Hurry up, guys,” I yelled to my sister and mother. “Y’all are going to make me late!” It was October 4th, the night of the homecoming football game. The game started in fifteen minutes and we hadn’t even left the house yet. The frustration I had toward them kept growing inside me until I decided to leave without them and make them drive separately. I jumped in my car and quickly headed to the game despite the pouring rain. Certain rash decisions that are made throughout life can never be forgotten

  • The Incident Of Troy University 's Homecoming

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    had just happened was not expected and had definitely never taken place before. Troy University’s Homecoming Weekend in the past years had never encountered violence on this level. There was maybe a fight here and there, but never gunshots. I had never been so scared in my life. Troy University Homecoming 2016 had officially been ruined after this night. That weekend began like any other homecoming weekend. It was filled with fraternity parties, tailgating, and much more. The previous night, me

  • Sargent Andrew Ford

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    getting ready to see his wife. Mentally tired and physically exhausted, his entire goal was to reconnect with his life and enjoy being with his family after months apart. Unlike most soldiers returning from tour, he had a surprise that went beyond his homecoming. When he saw his wife for the first time after seven months, he was going to tell her about his jackpot win. Ford's story is an unlikely one. He started playing an online casino game that gave him 80 free spins. The free spins helped to wile away

  • Who Is The Best People I Know?

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    Helping Hand Have you ever wondered how much of an impact you could have on someone else’s life just by doing something small for them? As you start to grow up you make sense of helping each other out with the little things in life. Some people don’t even realize they do it every day, opening the door for someone, showing someone directions, or even just waving at them. Each day you are doing good for others by not realizing it, and that is just what Brittany Ross continues to do. Brittany grew

  • My Participation in the ASB to Raise School Spirit at Homecoming

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    as hundreds of students engulfed the area for the Homecoming dance. For the preceding months, I had spent numerous hours quarreling with members of the ASB Executive Council, trying to formulate a plan to diminish the apathy that pervaded our school. The student morale was at an all time low, and the administration had lost confidence in the ability of ASB to successfully conduct school events.? As ASB President, I knew that the week of Homecoming needed to be the pivotal experience that would electrify

  • Personal Writing : Homecoming Traditions In High School

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    October is a classic high school theme. There are dozens of movies whose entire plot describes a high school homecoming. Homecoming rituals at my high school are very cliché; everything revolves around dress up week, the football game, and the (dreaded) dance. Dress up week is always a lot of fun. Not only do the teachers’ get really into it, the students do too. The week of homecoming was always a 4-day week and that only adds to the excitement. The start of the week is time travel Tuesday

  • A Summary Of The Story Of Ray's Homecoming Day?

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    Today was Ray’s homecoming day, Ray woken up and went to her sister’s room to wake her sister Breanna up, so they can leave to get some things done for homecoming. Whenever Ray and Breanna was ready the girls called their papa to meet up with them to give them money. Then the girls went from place to place to get their nails and eyebrows done. They finally found a nail and the eyebrow place right beside Walmart . When the girls were walking in the place Ray seen her best friend Katelyn in there cause

  • The Sociological Experiences Of High School And College Homecomings

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    major thing I was excited for was the week of homecoming. In high school, I always had the most spirit and this week was one of my favorites. That being said, I looked forward to participating in the homecoming events this past fall football season. I gained from this experience is that both high school and college homecomings are sociological events that can be compared in many ways. The homecoming I am most familiar with is a high school homecoming. During the week, students would practice agency

  • American Patriotism : The Tragedy Of American Patriotism

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    in no real danger, I experienced a subtle version of this social phenomenon during my senior year of high school in a controversial display of American patriotism. Kennesaw Mountain High School school has a spirit week in the days leading up to homecoming. Each day has a theme, be it Tacky Tuesday, College Wear Wednesday, or Throwback Thursday. During my senior year, just after the kneeling of the NFL players, the student government and I decided to try something new: Freedom Friday, in which students