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  • Descriptive Essay About A Boat

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    behind the last row, a captain’s station sat with the controls to steer the boat. Behind the control room, or the back of the boat, sat one long bench. A metal railing encircled the entire boat, except for a small portion at the back. Resting below the open area, hooked to the side of the boat, sat a three-rung ladder. I still tasted the wintergreen lifesaver I enjoyed on the car ride over here. The boat took us three miles off the north shore of Oahu, I couldn’t help but admire the beauty of this paradise

  • Cesar's Search For Meaning

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    Open your eyes, and imagine the countless possibilities that can happen within your lifespan with one simplistic dream. Reconfigure and visualize the perfect life you cease to desire. There must be a moment within our existence to where we always want to change, no matter how small or substantial the significance it might be to our well-being. Sometimes we urge to want the unreachable, even it’s non-existent, we want ‘it’. Curiously enough, what may ‘it’ be? It could be a simple materialistic object

  • A Creative Story : A Short Story

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    himself. His chest bare, a cold object was pressed against it in different places in turn. His head was violently jerked backward and his jaw pushed forward. It hurt. He tried to lift his arms to push them away but there was no hope. His mouth fell open as he was dragged upwards. A soft object was shoved under his back so that his head lulled backward. A metal object was thrust into his mouth and a tube passed over it into his airways. He so badly wanted to gag on it. “What the hell are they doing

  • A Brief Note On Open Your Eyes ! Homelessness

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    Open your eyes! Homelessness is not just people living on the streets or cars because they chose to. Now empathize with the homeless. These are the people that are unable to acquire a lasting, regular, and safe place to reside. Often times society views the homeless as an invisible aspect of society and others view them as nuisances. There are so many underlying factors that explain why one is homeless, and what society can do to help this social issue. The basic human necessities in life are food

  • Essay On How To Meditation

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    frustrated and impatient and it effect on our health as well, we always feel so busy that we don’t have even time for meditating but actually meditation give you more time to make your mind relax, calm and make you feel fresh just you have to give ten to fifteen minutes meditation as here are some tips through which you can overcome your frustration, and you will find some peace and balance Meditation helps us to understand our mind you can also learn how to convert our mind in a positive way from happy to

  • Narrative Essay On Snowboarding

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    An Hour Left The soft hissing of the snow complaining under me as I fly down the ski trail is all I can hear. Changing from heel side to toe side and back again on my snowboard I fume silently. How could my parents trust me so little? I am thirteen years old and I know how to snowboard by myself. Why do they always tell me what to do? I continue to fume as I think about the fight I had with my parents. How could they possibly think that I would stay in on a beautiful day like this and miss the foot

  • The Main Conventions of James Bond Movies Essay

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    The Main Conventions of James Bond Movies The character of James Bond is seen to the audience as a hero. Everyone wants to be James Bond because of his charming good-looks and the gorgeous, seductive and underdressed women that he gets to sleep with. Bond is smart, intelligent and unbelievably cool. James Bond is a very sophisticated, good looking and strong character. The name James Bond says he is obviously an English family man. Bond is usually aged between 35 and

  • The Representation of the ‘Bond Girl' Essay

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    Whenever there is a Bond film, there is always a Bond girl. She is as indispensable as the gadgets, the car, the chase and the villain set on overtaking the earth. They have always been in the centre of controversy; they have always been branded as beautiful women (often with sexually overt names) who need Bond and ironically, Bond cannot complete his mission without them. They always seem to have perfection in everything they do. However, this portrayal of women can be somewhat unrealistic. Some

  • Essay about A Comparison of Two James Bond Posters

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    head of MI5 was introduced into the films. The genre of the film is far more evident in the poster for ‘The World Is Not Enough’. The images used connote an action film that has many different narratives. The poster is lively and eye-catching and is full of bright, vivid images. The poster fits in very well with the title of the film, as it looks like James Bond is going to embark on some international mission, the image of some of the continents in flames shows

  • Open Your Eyes “Anyone” Can Be Raped. “I Just Want To Sleep!

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    Open Your Eyes “Anyone” Can Be Raped “I just want to sleep! Acoma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my mind too?” said Laurie Anderson. Laurie Anderson, like many others, expressed herself in this way after being raped. A rape can occur every couple of minutes somewhere around the world and in some cases they are unreported. Rape can leave victims physically, psychologically, and emotionally damaged. According to girlshealth