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  • The Role Of Outdoor Activities For Special Educational Needs

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    This essay aims to discuss the role of Outdoor Activities for people with Special Educational Needs (SENs) and to explain the implications of relevant legislation to outdoor education practice. A legal meaning can be applied to SEN: “The Education Act 1996 legally defines children with SEN as children who have a considerably greater difficulty in learning than others the same age. SEN includes consideration for communication, physical and sensory, emotional difficulties that require support, this

  • The Importance Of Outdoor Activities

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    Problem It is very important for people to do outdoor activities. People are not doing outdoor activities as they should be doing and are getting too attached to technology. People are developing illnesses like obesity or high cholesterol. Becoming sick from the need of outdoor activity is very unhealthy for someone's lifestyle, especially because they prefer to spend even more time with technology. An illness from this problem can strongly change one's lifestyle. It will change someone's lifestyle

  • Analysis And Findings On Outdoor Activities

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    Analysis and findings We have four proposals as outcomes of the analysis. Detailed descriptions and explanation are listed below: Proposal1:People having higher income prefer to outdoor activities. According to the percentage of outdoorman in ascending order, we separate the areas into 5 intervals. And based on the statistics of the average income in each area, we compute the average incomes in five intervals to see if there is a tendency related to the proportion of outdoorman. Figure1 Positive

  • Role Of The Early Year 's Practitioners

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    It is the role of the early year’s practitioners to ensure that children get the most out of their early year’s education, for this to be possible, it is vital that they maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for children. This is done through carrying out a variety of procedures which I am going to explain and analyse below. The first factor involved in maintaining a healthy environment is forming a good relationship between the early year’s practitioners and the child’s parents. This

  • Dayle Williams: Exploring Outdoor Activities

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    Dayle Williams Sports By doing sports for me is great way by spending your outdoor activity. Sports are where you get to meet new people and have fun with your friends. Sports are an enjoyable way to spend your outdoors because you can play basketball, volleyball, and swimming. One good outdoor activity is basketball. Playing basketball outdoors is fun. You have more air outdoors and you can socialize with your friends. You get new people and learn new stuff. You can go different places to play

  • Healthy, Safe, And Learning Environment

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    When working in a child care setting you need to plan a healthy, safe, and learning environment. Indoor and outdoor environments should be attractive and make children feel safe and secure. When parents drop their children off, they need to know their child is in good hands. To ensure them it's a safe place, make sure you have security at the facility. A healthy environment is important and can help ,prevent children and teachers from getting sick. The ideal location of the school should be located

  • P1: The Four Outdoor And Adventurous Activities

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    P1 describe four different outdoor and adventurous activities, including their organisation and provision Land-based – Skiing Skiing is the action of travelling over snow on skis, especially as a sport or recreation. Competitive skiing falls into two categories: Nordic which is cross-country racing and jumping, and Alpine which is downhill or straight racing, and slalom racing round a series of markers. The organisation for skiing is British Ski and Snowboard (BSS). It is the National Governing Body

  • Get Outside: Best Outdoors Fall Activities

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    Get Outside: Best Outdoors Fall Activities The temperatures outside are quickly cooling off and we are quickly finding ourselves turning away from the warm weather outdoor activities in search of something more weather appropriate. While many people choose to avoid the outdoors during this fantastic time of year, there are actually many ways you can still enjoy it. So, before you are completely trapped inside because of the cold winter weather, make sure you take some time to get outside and enjoy

  • Californi An Oasis Of Food, Wine, And Outdoor Activities

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    TITLE Temecula, California: An Oasis of Food, Wine, and Outdoor Activities LEAD PARAGRAPH It’s tough to compete for attention when a town is close to both Los Angeles and San Diego. There are so many choices for a wine country getaway in Southern California that Temecula could be overlooked. PARAGRAPHS A taste of the old west Temecula was the site of the expansive Vail Cattle Ranch for most of the 20th century. It wasn’t until the ranch was sold to developers in 1964 that Temecula’s future

  • Abundance Of Facilities For Outdoor Recreation And Leisure Activities

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    Margarita. Construction of Ladera Ranch began in 1999 with the goal of creating a community where residents enjoy recreational parks, clubhouses, shopping, and outdoor trails for joggers, hikers and bikers (“City Guide”, 2014). The research compiled confirms that Ladera Ranch has an abundance of facilities for outdoor recreation and leisure activities. However, based on its demographics, Ladera Ranch residents would also benefit from having a local indoor Family Entertainment Center to complement its