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  • A Controversial Painter of Post-Renaissance, Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio

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    the most controversial painter of the Italian post-Renaissance. In an age when the papacy itself was self-indulgent, corrupt and immoral, Caravaggio's sexual ambivalence, his propensity for violence and his scorn for the law made him the enfant terrible of the Italian aristocracy. Qualities that only succeeded in furthering Caravaggio’s notoriety and success. Caravaggios endeavors into art began In 1584 when he was apprenticed for four years in Milan to the Lombard painter Simone Peterzano (1540-1596)

  • How A Partial Biography Could Be Harmful For A Painter? Lorenzo Lotto

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    “How a partial biography could be harmful for a painter? Lorenzo Lotto’s peripatetic career in Vasari’s Lives” (I still need a better title) Why do we read Vasari’s Lives? Surely not for the historical accuracy of the data he provides us nor for his scientific approach to the artist’s biographies. We read what we consider a masterpiece of Italian literature mainly because, instead of concentrating on long tedious enumeration, exegetical and philological details or monotonous galleries of portraits

  • The Sense Of True Beauty

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    Young African Painter, On Seeing His

  • The Elder Sister By William Bouguereau's The Elder Sister

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    captivated by her little sibling. This is clear from the use of the angelic almost celestial background that unquestionably creates an affectionate mood. The enchanting smile across the young girl s face communicates the elder sisters bliss. The painter has accomplished quite a bit with the use of the fundamentals in this painting. The heavenly portrayal of the background and foreground shows a flawless use of space. The distance between the foreground and background was well selected for this piece

  • William Bouuerau's The Elder Sister, By William Bouguereau

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    by her little sibling. This comes out clearly from the use of the angelic almost celestial background that unquestionably creates the mood of affection. The enchanting smile on the face of the young girl communicates the elder sisters bliss. The painter has accomplished a lot concerning the use of the elements in this painting. The heavenly portrayal of the background and foreground shows a flawless use of space. The distance of the foreground was well selected for this painting. This is because

  • Losing Sight Analysis

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    the plays I saw will be given. The first act of the night was a play titled “Losing Sight.” To summarize this play, there was a talented painter with diminishing vision. Because of his impending blindness, the painter tried to seclude himself from and push away all his family and friends. With the help of his deceased grandfather and ex-girlfriend, the painter learned to accept his fate and return to life in the company of others. The plot of “Losing Sight” is constructed around the painter’s search

  • What Is The Visual Analysis Of Assembly At Wanstead House

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    artist William Hogarth and refers back to the time period approximately from 1728 to 1731. Wlliam Hogarth is a famous British painter who lived during the period of 1697 – 1764. While Hogarth is most widely known as the painter, the works he created contribute to the understanding of his creation through the prism of social criticism and pictorial satire. During his life, the painter managed to create a wide range of various works, starting with the realistic portraits and to the comic-strip-like images

  • Characterization And Internal Characterism In Kurt Vonnegut's2boo2b?

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    The world isn’t perfect, true but it shouldn’t have to be, we are humans and we make mistakes. Sometimes we wish everything could be perfect, yet that may end up making things worse. We shouldn’t try to be perfect like Dr. Hitz thinks it should be. We should just be thankful for what we have now. In “2BRO2B,” Kurt Vonnegut uses characterization and internal conflict to stress the idea sometimes things aren’t as perfect as they seem. Kurt Vonnegut uses Characterization to develop the fact that things

  • Factory Work Dangers

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    There are four painters; two are painting, the other two are getting the xylene/acetone wash ready to clean the paint guns that the other two are using. Xylene/acetone, chemical paint thinners and will burn your skin if you are not wearing the proper suit and gloves. At

  • Kahlo Is A Mexican Painter

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    Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter who is highly recognized for her art work as well as her feminist ideology. At a young age, Kahlo contracted polio which caused severe damage to her right leg; therefore, she limped when she walked. Her walking disability did not interfere with her life. She attended to school where she met Diego Rivera; however, during that time Kahlo was romantically involved with Alejandro Gomez. Kahlo and Gomez suffered from a major accident on which Kahlo suffered from multiple