What Is The Visual Analysis Of Assembly At Wanstead House

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The essay is devoted to the visual analysis of the painting Assembly at Wanstead House. The painting was created by the British artist William Hogarth and refers back to the time period approximately from 1728 to 1731. Wlliam Hogarth is a famous British painter who lived during the period of 1697 – 1764. While Hogarth is most widely known as the painter, the works he created contribute to the understanding of his creation through the prism of social criticism and pictorial satire. During his life, the painter managed to create a wide range of various works, starting with the realistic portraits and to the comic-strip-like images series.
William Hogarth was born in a family of a poor school teacher who later was prisoned for debts. Since his …show more content…

The inclusion of this element in the painting helps to deliver an idea about the widely spread practice of gambling in England of the 18th century. Gambling was so common a feature of daily life that it can be included in conversation portraits such as Assembly at Wanstead House without any hint of the scandal (Richard 3). It is also crucial to note that everything occurs in a calm atmosphere and does not express signs of passion, which may also be viewed as an attribute of the higher society. The guests are gathered there playing cards and drinking tea, which appears to be a common practice for England of respective time. It is important to note that the events seem to take place in the evening, and it is signified through the view outside and the fact that chandelier is lighted. Such parties were not uncommon among the representatives of the class of nobilities, and the grand parties were usual practice for the aristocrat like the Lord, and the account of one of such parties could be found when he was elevated another rank in peerage and became Earl Tylney (Marks 5). Hence, the painting provides the viewers with a clear account of the life of the richest people of England during the 18th

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