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  • Romeo And Juliet Pen Names Analysis

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    “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” wrote William Shakespeare in his play, Romeo and Juliet. Delving into this concept, if names don’t affect the quality of their works, why would authors use pseudonyms instead of their real names? There are several cases, from Charlotte Brontë to Stephen King, where authors chose a pen name for their own reasons. Some needed a fake name to compensate for their social status, some to protect their integrity, or just

  • Hidden Identities

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    online use a pseudonym or “pen name.” In the book The Gospel According to Larry, Josh Swensen unhesitantly decided to start an online blog where he wrote about controversial topics and used the name Larry to stay anonymous. Looking at literature other than online, Samuel Clemens used pen names in most of the books he wrote; his most famous pen name being Mark Twain. Josh Swensen and Samuel Clemens were alike and divergent in many ways considering that they both used a pen name and avoided having their

  • Green Eggs And Ham To The Cat In The Hat

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    Pen names and Literature Dr.Seuss was a pen name? Yes from Green Eggs and Ham to The Cat in the Hat, all those books were not in fact written by a man named Seuss. Many authors use a pen name for a number of reasons. To protect their identity or hide their gender, maybe even to be able to produce more books. Therefore, pen names are useful to authors. To begin with, for many years books that were written by women were discarded. Men thought that writing was no woman’s business. All avid readers

  • Fake Names

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    fake name or an identity just to publish a book they wrote? Fake names or identities could be very useful to authors to allow them to have more opportunities, freedom, and more flexibility. Several people made fake names and identities so they would not embarrass themselves, family, or others. Regardless, there are actually several different reasons why many different individuals use pen names. For example, it could be the only way an author can get published, a woman author might want her name to

  • Synthesis Essay On Pen Names

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    their name for an even better shot at success. Other authors aren’t respected as who they are so they change their names appearance for a higher success rate. Pen names are one of the smartest ways to give authors the best writing experience possible. I personally would enjoy to one day change my name and become someone no one knew. To become a blank canvas yet to create. Becoming a new person, to authors, can be a very exciting experience. (Source 1) In the article What’s in a name? by

  • Writers Use Of Pen Names

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    Names play a big role if you’re a writer. Many female writers in the past used pen names. A pen name is a fake name you use to show your work without people knowing it’s you. So, why did Joanne Rowling, Susan Eloise Hinton, and all of the other famous writers use pen names when they could’ve just used their own name? One of the reasons people used pen names was because of freedom. According to the passage “Pen names in Literature” (E. Bennett) Eric Blair thought that his work would embarrass

  • The Importance Of Pseudonyms In Literature

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    anonymously is common among people who do not wish to risk their reputation with their own name. Authors created a pseudonym to be the face of their writings. Pseudonyms have helped provide authors with an opportunity to become successful while hiding their true identities. Women in particular used male pen names to avoid bias from males who thought women should not be in the field of writing. Also, having a male name offered women power and authority from the reader’s and the author’s perspective while

  • The Value Of Trust Esteem

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    (which can be the aftereffect of many bits of proof) is less helpful that realizing that the trust esteem contains the achievement rate of the driving exam addresses likewise found in the bike exam. A trust esteem may incorporate these bits of confirmation to encourage mapping however this may damage security (see the last case). At the other outrageous, a trust esteem may just comprise of the bits of confirmation without the trust estimation result, in light of the fact that the trust

  • A Pen Name Lewis Carroll

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    Annan 1 Introduction About the author Charles Dodgson’s also known by his pen name Lewis Carroll was born January 27, 1892 in Daresbury, Cheshire England, and died in 1898 at Guildford, Surrey. He was raised in the country where he was the oldest of eight siblings. He began writing at an early age, mostly as entertainment for his younger siblings. Carroll had physical deformities, partial deafness and a stutter that limited him in throughout his life. Carroll had strict religious beliefs, and attended

  • The Multiple Substances Of Alice Sheldon

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    His real name turned out to be Alice Bradley Sheldon, a woman. This discovery shocked everyone as her stories were considered highly masculine, but there she was leading the male dominated genre as a woman masquerading as a man. Her choice to use a pseudonym was not entirely planned. She knew she couldn’t publish with her own name because of her previously published documents as a psychologist. Sheldon and her husband came up with the name “James Tiptree Jr.” as a joke based upon the name of a jar