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  • Euthanasia And Shelter For Animal Shelters

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    pet cat would be euthanized by the Woodbury Humane Society shelter instead of being sent to the home she had detailed in a note posted on her refrigerator. In retrospect, this would not have happened if the Woodbury Humane Society shelter had adopted the new and growing trend of “no-kill” philosophy for animal shelters, which simply stated, is an operating philosophy for a shelter that is based upon the premise that no healthy adoptable animal should be euthanized for any reason and that they should

  • Animal Shelter Advertisement Analysis

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    There are millions of animals are in shelters nationwide. Among those millions of animals in shelters, there is proximity 31 % or 2.7 million of those animals that are euthanized each year. The Shelter Pet Project. org is a website not that sells dogs, but to spread the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable., and encourage people to consider going to their local animal shelter and adopt a pet instead of buying one from a breeder. In this ad they are advertising a new website, this

  • Animal Shelters: A Fictional Narrative

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    by alanna “Kayla wait up!” Jeff and Julia hollered. “We are stopping by the animal shelter do you want to come?” they asked. “Suer I love animals, especially dogs!” “Ok then let's go, we are not playing tag though jeff so don’t ask.” Julia announced. “Why not.” asked Jeff. “Because the shelter is right across the street.” We crossed the street to see my parents and my older sister going inside. We followed them in. When we got in my parents were talking adopting a dog for me but they did not realize

  • The Humane Association At An Animal Shelter

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    Paper Imagine being a staff member or a volunteer at an animal shelter. Imagine watching day in and day out as animals passed through your doors, the unmistakeable scent of desolation and grief filling the room like a tidal wave. Imagine standing in front of the donation jar, counting the measly offerings, and hoping they added up to at least five dollars. Ravalli County should do more to encourage adoption of impounded animals, and supply more resources for, the Bitterroot Humane Association

  • Shelter Vs Animal Shelter

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    from a shelter, whereas dog breeders are more reliable. A dog from a shelter can have a lot of medical problems and you never know what you are getting, whereas a breeder will usually have a guarantee of health. About 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, 3.3 million are dogs. Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized, 670,000 are dogs. Approximately 1.6 million dogs are adopted every year. About 710,000 animals who enter

  • How Strict Animal Shelter Policies Can Cause Pets

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    a Week, Then Was Returned to the Animal Shelter Allison Gray in her article “How Strict Animal Shelter Policies Can Cause Pets to Suffer,” offers a harsh critique that animal shelters hold a very strict adoption process by not allowing unqualified pet owners to adopt. She argues that adoption shelters want to find the perfect owner, but the perfect owner does not exist by her claims. Therefore, pets are not adopted out and are left to suffer in animal shelters. With the guidelines for pet adoption

  • Persuasive Essay On Animal Shelter

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    just save them and adopt? Animals deserve the chance to live just like any person in this world does. Over the past 20 years, animal shelter communities in the United States has been grappling with the overpopulation problem of domestic animals (Rowan). Nationally, around four million animals are killed in animal shelters each year. Of the animals killed, roughly 95% of the shelters animals and treatable and healthy (Winograd). Each year between two to four million animals are euthanized (Winograd)

  • Animal Shelter Personal Statement Examples

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    Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (the “Animal Shelter”). The primary role and responsibility of an Animal Shelter volunteer is to assist animal control officers with the handling and presenting of shelter animals to the general public for potential adoption. The time I’ve spent at the Animal Shelter has been extremely rewarding, so much so that I feel it is a privilege to “work” for the Animal Shelter. I am fortunate to be able to help and comfort animals looking for a human and interact

  • Informative Essay On Animal Shelters

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    inform the local residents of the over population of animals in the Portales and Clovis animal shelters. With the over population of stray dogs, cats, and rabbits several veterinarians agreed to withhold free/low cost clinics once a month to spay and neuter the local animals. Also informing the residents about the new ID card for your pet with all the information you would ever need. The local community has come together to help with the shelters. Cindy’s Hope for pets is a nonprofit that has also

  • Coos County Animal Shelter

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    Friends of Coos County Animal Shelter (FOCCAS). Their mission statement is: “Friends of Coos County Animals, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, and specifically to support and enhance services for the Coos County Animal Shelter including organizations and causes that promote animal welfare” (Friends of Coos County Animal Shelter). While I was volunteering for this organization I helped out at their booth in the mall, where they try to find these animals homes. My family and I