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  • Biomechanics Assignment

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    Movement of the knee joint Action of the Knee Muscles responsible for it Knee flexion Gastrocnemius, Plantaris Knee Extension Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, intermedius, medialis 8. Where is plantar fascia located, and what is the role of plantar fascia? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. List all the muscles responsible for Plantarflexion, dorsiflexion

  • Skeletal Muscle Case Study

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    Wisdom Teeth 1.) Skeletal muscles are used to maintain body temperature. Each muscle contraction in the body converts some of the energy into heat. The produced heat maintains the right body temperature for normal functions (Martini). 2.) Mr. Stevenson’s skeletal muscles must have been generating the most heat in his body due to his increased heart rate and his muscle contractions. Halothane has been shown to set off a skeletal muscle hypermetabolic state known as malignant hyperthermia (Cunha).

  • Compulsory Exercise Analysis

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    activities to strengthen the muscles that help to strengthen them and cardiovascular activities that help burn fat throughout the body, including around the thighs. The muscles of your inner thighs include adductor, pectineus and gracilis, and there are few exercises that target these muscles. Cardio exercises will help you burn fat and there are several that are easy to make, without expensive equipment or memberships. Calisthenics No need to go to the gym to exercise the muscles of the inner thighs. Calisthenics

  • Cattle Jumps

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    I’ll begin by naming the agonist along with the antagonist as well as the action, insertion, and origin of the muscles. Agonist: Gastrocnemius and soleus Gastrocnemius: Origin: lateral head-posterior surface of lateral condyle of femur and highest of three facets on lateral condyle, medial head, posterior surface of femur above medial condyle Insertion: tendo calcaneus

  • Lateral Patella Dislocation

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    Manual Muscle Strength testing scores must be above a level 4, with pain absent and ROM equal with the uninjured side. Neuromotor exercise can commence in this stage, with the ACSM suggesting that 60-90 minutes a week of this type of training to be conducted (Pescatello

  • Bio 151 List of Structures

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    Biology 115 Semester List of Structures Chapter One Anatomy is the study of body structure and the relationship between structures Physiology is the study of how the structures of the body function Levels of Structural Organization Chemical Cell Tissue Organ Organ system Organism Homeostasis Positive feedback loop Negative feedback loop Relative Positions Superior Inferior Anterior Posterior Medial Lateral Bilateral Ipsilateral Contralateral Proximal Distal

  • Movement Analysis For An Instep Kick

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    Movement Analysis for an Instep Kick A Review of the Biomechanics Involved in Soccer Monica A. McKnight American Military University Author Note This paper was prepared for Biomechanics SPHE324, taught by Professor Jenny Johnson. “If you wanna get drafted, pay attention.” Movement Analysis for an Instep Kick A Review of the Biomechanics Involved in Soccer Kicking a ball is a fundamental movement that most individuals have learned to do since taking their first steps. However, kicking

  • Descriptive Essay About Dance

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    I have been enrolled in dance class since the age of two. Dance is my number one love.  I love it more than anything.  So naturally I am going to college for a science major. I know, I know, you were expecting this to be all about my love of dance, right?  And you were expecting that this essay was to be about how I am majoring in dance, but I left that part of my life behind for a world full of osmosis and isotopes. I find myself  in the middle of biology lectures and chemistry labs, which was the

  • Specialized Connective Tissue Analysis

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    There is another type of dense fibrous connective tissue called aponeurosis. Its tendon like and helps anchor and move muscles. The structure is similar to tendons and ligaments, there are bundles of collagenous fibers with lots of fibroblasts (“Aponeurosis”, 2015). The fibers run in several directions. In the knee joint the interosseous membrane of the leg is an aponeurosis that creates a space for the vessels to run through. Specialized connective tissue consists of bone, cartilage, blood and

  • Oompa Mount Adequate Movement Analysis

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    clear what muscles are involved in the motion. The first motion is flexion of the thigh. This is important in order to throw the opponent forward. This brings their arm closer to your body for the later part of the move, as well as, distributing their weight in order to make the movement phase easier. The agonists of this motion are the iliacus, psoas major, psoas minor, rectus femoris, sartoris, pectineus, gluteus minimum, and the tensor fascia latae. Opposing this are the antagonist muscles, which