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  • Essay on Contemporary Uses: The Pennsylvania State Capitol

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    Contemporary Uses: The Pennsylvania State Capitol Pennsylvania has a wide variety of beautiful historical buildings that reflect many different styles of architecture. They include historical homes, unique covered bridges, government buildings, and breathtaking churches. Some of Pennsylvania’s most recognized examples of great architecture are Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater” and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts located in Philadelphia. However, the one building that I think of when

  • Benjamin Henry Latrobe : United States Capitol

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    Henry Latrobe: United States Capitol The United States of America was founded upon the motto E Pluribus Unum “out of many one”. Out of the 196 countries found in the world, the United States of America sticks out as the pinnacle. The United States is the most powerful country in the world and the most important building that resides in it is the United States Capitol. A number of architects were assigned with the task to design and oversee the building of the United States Capitol, but Benjamin Henry

  • Alternative Ending to Mockingjay Essay

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    Gale must be near, I can hear his heart pounding. I am running desperately through the emptiness of what seems to be a corridor, it’s all white, just like most of the Capitol security buildings. I take a right, and then a left, but something makes me come to a complete stop; ten feet in front of me, an automatic and bright sliding door stands. I just hope that I am not being recorded by the security cameras, because if I am, my life has already been condemned to die within a few minutes. No one knows

  • The Final Contestants Of The Eighty Fourth Hunger Games

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    just told us. I’m furious, even more angry with the Capitol then I have already been. I take a second to think about it but it makes me nervous, frustrated and enraged. Peeta and I both know what this means and we need to make a decision fast before the Gamemakers decide it’s boring the onlookers make a verdict on how to liven us up once again for a more interesting and amusing attack. As for all, these games are only for the amusement of the Capitol and those in the 12 districts that are into it. To

  • Reflection On Internships

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    for a position in my field for that summer. Recommendations from family friends led me to apply for Senator Rob Portman’s prestigious internship in Washington, D.C. The internship was a reach – as I was competing with some of the top students in my state. My hard work dedication paid off: a couple of months later the office of Senator Rob Portman extended an invitation for me to join their team that summer. I ventured to the District of Columbia with two main goals: first, to discover my intended career

  • Compare And Contrast Hunger Games And Divergent

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    or the unknown away.As the mayor is recalling the events of the past, he says that "The result was Panem, a shining Capitol ringed by thirteen districts, which brought peace and prosperity to its citizens." This uses a metaphor to emphasize and exaggerate that the "shining" Capitol is surrounded and followed by the other separate 13 districts. With the illusion that Panem the Capitol is the greatest and has saved them (the other districts) and shows how the land of Panem has segregated their people

  • Don't Tread On The Bear Rust, decay, and creeping vegetation infest monuments from before the

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    Don't Tread On The Bear Rust, decay, and creeping vegetation infest monuments from before the Great War. Amidst the ruins of Washington, D.C., the Capitol; battered remains of the Washington Monument and the the Jefferson Memorial still stand in the desolate area that is now known as the Capitol Wasteland; the central hub of civilization in the ruins of the former capital city, New Aegis, which is based in the remains of a wrecked aircraft carrier, carried far inland and beached by a catastrophic

  • Essay On Goddess Of Passion ( Xana And Durihan )

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    Of course it wasn 't the only place for such devotions to be enacted. The very temple Sven spoke of, in the Capitol of Felhine was alive that very night. To call it a brothel would be an insult, seeing how brothels were kept to the outer reaches of the city. The temple of Edana was one of many temples, built and placed within the inner sphere of the city. Yes,

  • The Unknown Soldier : The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

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    On March 4, 1921, an unknown soldier from World War I was buried with the approval of Congress in the plaza of the Memorial Amphitheatre at Arlington National Cemetery. This serviceman was chosen randomly out of four other servicemen from four individual gravesites located in France. Not only was this soldier honored as a valiant trooper, but unknown soldiers from World War II and the Korean War were honored and remembered at this site too. The soldier located in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was

  • What Are The Differences Between The Divergent And The Hunger Games

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    Science fiction is a genre of literature that focuses on possible outcomes of a near future (space, future buildings, robots, aliens). A good example of this genre are the books Divergent, published in 2011, and The Hunger Games, published in 2008. Science fiction is presented in both stories in how the setting takes place in a near future where society as we know it collapsed and it had to be build from the beginning with new sets of rules. In The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins builds her story around