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  • Presidential Debate

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    Jackson Dr.Dubose Debate Speech By far, the United states presidential debate is one of the most popular debates in America. The debates are extremely important for the citizens of the United states because they help those in the audience as well as those watching from their homes decide who will be the country’s next president for the next four years of office. Not only does the debate reveal how the presidential candidates will solve their issues for the country, if elected, but they also create

  • Presidential Election : Presidential Debates

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    is imperative that citizens watch the broadcasted presidential debates before casting their ballots. These debates give each representative of the two most influential political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, time to demonstrate their contrasting viewpoints, and otherwise allow the voter to understand each candidate’s personality. During our psychology class this semester, we were privileged to write essays on the three presidential debates between Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and

  • The Debate On The Circus Acts That Were Called The 1st Presidential Debate

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    viewing the circus acts that were called the 1st presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate that aired earlier in the month, my expectations for the 2nd debate were not too high. Unfortunately my even my low expectations were not met and I felt as though there was not a large enough improvement during this debate to have made any difference from the first one. While we saw some improvement in terms of candidate behavior, the rest of the debate was severely lacking in substance. Questions posed

  • Essay On Presidential Debate

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    1st Presidential Debate Paper In this first presidential debate the speaker I chose to focus on presidential candidate Senator Hilary Clinton. This speech was given at Hofstra University, which is located in Hempstead, New York. This debate was held on Monday, September 26th, 2016 to a large audience. The audience included many politicians, everyday Americans, neutralized individuals etc... In the opening segment of this debate, Mr. Lester Holt opened up this event asking each presidential candidate

  • The Evolution Of The Presidential Debates

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    The presidential debates have changed throughout the years. From my perspective debates do matter because the candidates debate to get chosen to change the United States into a better place. Appearance shouldn't matter but what you say and how you act should. If there were no debate there might wouldnt be a president nor voter. The candidates debate to change the United States.This year's debaters (Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) are more concerned and after each other than the US. Both candidate

  • History Of Presidential Debates

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    leaders of the free world, taking part in the highly publicized US presidential debates. Once upon a time presidential debates were a platform that candidates would use to educate and inform constituents on the issues they want to solve and the policies they want to make reality. Formerly a television event that many Americans would watch in order to determine who they would cast their vote for come November 8th presidential debates have evolved into a comedy event. If you look at the current candidates

  • Presidential Debate Summary

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    The event that I would like to analyze is a First Democratic Presidential Debate 2016 by CNN that was held on 10-13-2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the first occasion where all candidates from the Democratic party were together on the same stage. They were asked question about their promises made to electorate and their future plants if they will get elected, but were also asked about their past decisions. The main idea of this conference was for the audience to get more familiar with candidate

  • Essay On Presidential Debates

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    It’s evident that this has been one of the most divided and controversial presidential elections starting from the primaries all the way to the first and second presidential debates. Whether we agree with the candidate’s political views and methods of approaching the American people, and regardless of our personal opinion on the matter, it seems like both candidates have created an interest on this particular political event in the American people, this is best described in the iconic words of Isoroku

  • Presidential Debate Analysis

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    A consensus stemming from the media is that Secretary Clinton was definitely the winner of the debate, but the race for the presidency is hardly over. Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post writes, “At times she came across as overly rehearsed and robotic… She was, unsurprisingly, very well prepared – using a slew of facts and figures to not only make her positive case but also to slam Trump.” Clinton had clearly done her homework and was prepared with witty comebacks to Trump’s usual feisty remarks

  • Perception 's Configuration Of Reality : 45th Presidential Debate

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    Configuration of Reality: 45th Presidential Debate Jay Van Bavel’s 2016 article addresses an important and relevant issue: voters’ deeply divided perceptions of presidential candidates. According to Bavel, approximately 70 million viewers tuned in to watch the final presidential debate on October 19, 2016. In theory, one would be valid in assuming that while processing such an event, everyone should be experiencing the same reality—all are watching the same debate, hearing the same words said by