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  • The Primary Care Physician Shortage

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    As the primary care physician shortage continues to rise along with the healthcare costs many states are looking for a solution to the crisis. Some states have already passed laws that have removed the limitations of a nurse practitioner’s ability to practice. Pennsylvania is currently not one of these states but that may soon change if the Senate Bill 1063 is passed (Larson, 2014). The Senate Bill 1063 is a bill that was introduced into legislation on April 16, 2013 by Senator Patricia Vance.

  • Primary Care Provider Supply Analysis

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    Primary Care Provider Supply Primary Care Shortage in the United States In the United States there is a current and expanding shortage of primary care providers. A recent study by the American Academy of Family Physicians in 2013 estimated a total shortage of 12,000-31,000 primary care physicians and 28,000-63,0000 non-primary care physicians (Porter, 2015). Many factors contribute to the shortfall of providers in primary care including, but not limited to: rising education costs, length of training

  • Primary Care And Health Care

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    Primary care, or day to day care, is expected to rise significantly over the next five years because of the increase in population as well as the aging of an already staggering population. Also having some to do with the increase in health care is the expansion in health insurance. If the fundamentals of primary care remain as they are, there is expected to be a shortage of 20,400 primary care physicians by the year 2020. If non-physician practitioners are integrated into the system, such as in

  • Primary Care And Primary Health Care

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    Primary care and Primary Health Care(PHC) are two terms that appear synonyms and are both used interchangeably, however, both terms contain slightly different meaning. According to Muddon, Hogg, Levitt (2006), Primary Health Care is based on the WHO definition which defines PHC as “an essential part of the health care based on practically, socially acceptable methods and technology that is made universally accessible to anyone in a community, through the full cost of the community and country can

  • Factors Leading For Shortage Of Primary Care Physicians

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    shortage of primary care physicians A) Introduction: Shortage of primary care physicians • An overview of primary care. • A brief description of primary care physicians and their shortage. • Statistical and numerical analysis. • Research Question – What are the factors that created the shortage of primary care physicians? • Importance – Better preventative care to the people • Conclusion B) History of primary care and primary care physicians C) Ethical issues in shortage of primary care gap D)

  • Primary Care Personal Statement

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    over time as their primary care physician. My own life and my teaching experience equip me with the tools and passion to care for patients over a lifetime through primary care. My parents, both remarried, each struggle to find quality primary care providers in their communities; my mother is Mexican-American and my father lives in rural Appalachia. Having lived with each parent at different times in my life, I have experienced these difficulties in accessing affordable care firsthand. These hardships

  • Primary Care Policy

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    passage of the Affordable Care Act

  • Primary Care

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    The Primary Care Clinic Dana E. Wilson Prof. Terese Cole HSA 300 Health Service Organization Management October 29, 2013 Our healthcare facility provides primary and comprehensive care for patients that include women, men and young adults in a metro area that has a population of over 200,000 people. We also have expanded our practice to offer specialized care in Obstetrics and Gynecological services. We have multiple locations in the area in order to provide services

  • The Referral Of A Primary Care Manager ( Pcm ) Essay

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    Study The referral of a patient to care outside of your practice is an importance decision for a primary care manager (PCM) in the care of their beneficiaries. The referral decision must include not only whether that patient would be best since by a specialist, but by which specialist (Kinchen, Cooper et al. 2004) the beneficiary would best benefit. In order to ensure the best care from the specialist effective patient information must be exchanged between care providers in a timely manner. Health

  • Primary Care Physician

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    2014 Vernon Thacker The Primary Care Physician Dilemma Today, the United States is facing a shortage of about 16,000 primary care physicians and this number will continue to grow by 2025 (Amirault, 2014). Primary care physicians (PCPs) are the doctors who focus on overall health and offer the treatments and preventive screenings that save lives. A physician shortage is a situation in which there are not enough providers to treat all patients in need of medical care. The Association of American