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  • Lord Of The Flies Groupthink Analysis

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    Groupthink Occurrences in Lord of the Flies In Lord of the Flies many kids are stuck on an island due to a plane that crashed. Ralph and Piggy are main characters and they both give in to groupthink. In this book, especially groupthink has more negative consequences than good ones. Groupthink is an occurrence that happens with a group of people where if many people are agreeing with something they don't wanna be the outcast and disagree. An experiment called the Asch experiment was done in 1951

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Ethan wasn’t certain what woke him a few hours later. Perhaps it was the silence of the house, or the faint creaking from the steps. Sitting up, he grabbed the knife from the stand as he got out of bed. His heart was racing in his chest as he leaned against the closed door, waiting to hear the werewolf’s harsh breath. No huffing breath filled his ears as he reached up and opened the door. Peering out into the hallway, he saw the light at the end on. Pushing the door fully open, he walked down the

  • Olivia Munn's X-Men: Apocalypse

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    sword-wielding femme fatale Psylocke in the upcoming Marvel flick X-Men: Apocalypse. As it turns out, the sexy actress loved being Betsy Braddock and wants to show off her achievement on Instagram! Munn recently celebrated the New Year by sharing her "Top 5 Favorite Memories of 2015" on her Instagram account. It was no surprise that one of her fondest moments in 2015 was getting the role of Psylocke in Apocalypse. The photo that Munn chose to share featured the Newsroom actress in her Psylocke costume on the

  • X-Men Apocalypse Essay

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    MacTaggert), Nicholas Hoult (Hank McCoy / Beast), Oscar Isaac (En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse), Michael Fassbender (Erik Lensherr / Magneto), Kodi Smit-McPhee (Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler), Jennifer Lawrence(Raven / Mystique) , Olivia Munn (Betsy Braddock / Psylocke), Tye Sheridan (Scott Summers / Cyclops), Sophie Turner(Jean Grey), Alexandra Shipp (Ororo Munroe / Storm), Ben Hardy (Warren Worthington III / Angel), and Lana Condor (Jubilation Lee / Jubilee) is set for a May 27, 2016 debut. it takes the story

  • X-Men Patriarchal Analysis

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    In 2016, the film X-Men: Apocalypse directed by Bryan Singer was released worldwide. The X-Men universe is, ”governed by male rules” and in which” no woman could ever hope to ascend to the top” (Kaklamanidou 72). There are many controversial and heated arguments regarding the previous X-men films being patriarchal. Despite the fact that the savior in the film X-Men: Apocalypse is a female character, there are many instances in which a patriarchal society is displayed. Males are shown to dominate