Queens Boulevard

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  • Crime in a queens neighborhood Essay

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    Crime and Drugs in South Ozone Park I’ve lived in South Ozone Park, Queens for three years and throughout those three years my family and I have overall good remarks. South Ozone Park used to be a predominant Italian neighborhood, but over the years a lot of Guyanese individuals have occupied residency here, so that’s mainly the type of people you see in this neighborhood. There are of course plenty of people from other backgrounds; the whole area of South Ozone Park is pretty diverse. Italians

  • A Community Assessment Highlights The Needs Of The Community

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    issues that may rise from those needs. Understanding the conditions of environment in which members of these community lives in, and how it impacts the members’ lives is essential in providing proper and effective care to their health. I will focus on Queens Community Board One for this Windshield Assessment. I have chosen this community because for the past 20 years of my life I have lived in both Long Island City and Astoria, which are two neighborhoods pertaining to this community. I have witnessed

  • Theme Of Sunset Boulevard

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    SUNSET BOULEVARD Institution Name The movie Sunset Boulevard written by Billy Wilder highlights the screenwriter’s potential of making a reflexive film more than focusing on the style and aesthetics. The movie revolves around the life of a fallen silent movie star, Norma Desmond, and her fame delusions. With the introduction of the sound in the film industry, she is brushed off and forgotten not only by her associates but also by her dear fans. This lifestyle change caused her to be

  • Film Analysis Of Sunset Boulevard

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    Sunset Boulevard, directed by Billy Wilder features some very legendary and prominent actors as well as directors which helps make this film and instant classic. What makes this movie so unique is that there are both actors and directors in the movie who play themselves. The film stars notable actors and actresses such as Gloria Swanson, William Holden, Buster Keaton, Hedda Hopper, and Anna Q. Nilsson. It also features two very prominent directors, Erich von Stroheim and the infamous Cecil B. DeMille

  • The Era Of Rock Music

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    I personally believe that accusation is false, so here is my essay on why Queen is the most overrated band in rock history. Overrated Explanation: Before I get started I must go over what I mean by “overrated”. When I say a group is overrated, I do not necessarily mean they are bad. I personally enjoy Queen and rank them highly on my list of favorites. By stating a band as being overrated, I mean that they receive more fame and acclaim than

  • Genre, Plot, And Theme Of This Play

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    1) Discuss the genre, plot, and theme of this play. The genre is a musical comedy. The rock music of the eighties moves the play through the story that is centered in the Bourbon Room bar in Los Angeles. Most of the characters in the play used to be in a rock band, currently are in a rock band or are trying hard to get into a rock band. The girls who wanted or currently want to make in movies are bar waitresses and strippers. Big business wants to close down the strip and develop a new business district

  • Stories of People before Us

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    It was many years ago, long before your beloved parents or even their own. It was far past the time when skyscrapers first began their grazing of the heavens, past even the taking advantage of devote teachers. Further still, our story takes us. Much like many tales of this sort- there is perhaps little truth weaved in all- that serve not as references for literal information but references for wisdom and understanding. I do not profess that readers who study these tomes will come out any the wiser

  • Snow White And The Huntsman

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    protagonist. Her dark villain is the evil Queen, Ravenna, portrayed by Charlize Theron. In this version of the tale, Snow White has escaped from the Queen all on her own and is desperate to get to Duke Hammond, the last hope for her country. Snow White has traveled across her country with the Huntsman at her side, played by Chris Hemsworth. The Huntsman has been sent to find and return Snow White alive, rather than be told to kill her. He is betrayed by the Queen and her men, and barely convinced by Snow

  • Hurricane Sandy : Preparing For The Future Essay

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    Hurricane Sandy: Preparing for the Future Junot Diaz once said “Disasters don’t just happen. They are always made possible by a series of often-invisible societal choices that implicate more than just those being drowned or buried in rubble” (Junot Diaz, 1). This quote introduces the idea of what is referred to as a social disaster. A social disaster can be a natural disaster such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or hurricanes etc. that are associated with some environmental, cultural, or political

  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

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    cameras to create 3 dimensional depth. Therefore there are many flaws regarding techniques, style and narrative despite how much effort and care was put into its making. The scenes when snow white meets the dwarfs, sings into the well, and when the Queen transforms into the evil witch; clearly demonstrates how realism is achieved and why impact the issue of realism. With reference to Paul Wells’ conceptions of ‘hyper-realism’ and ‘orthodox animation’, the issues of realism within the film will be discussed