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  • Essay on The History of Wicca

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    The history of Wicca is often debated by different people. It technically started in 1954, but was based on a mix of ancient religions. We will briefly cover the history of Wicca from caveman days all the way up to modern times in the following paragraphs. In 1908, a statue known as the Venus of Willendorf was found in a cave near what is now Vienna, Austria. Archaeologists believe that the figure comes from 24,000 and 22,000 B.C. Similar statues have been found in a large area of Europe

  • The Big Sleep- the Depiction of Marlowe as a Modern-Day Knight

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    The Big Sleep- The depiction of Marlowe as a modern-day knight The novel “The Big Sleep” by Raymond Chandler was published in 1939 during the heart of the Great Depression. The novel is written in a very sinister, dark and kind of a gangster tone and carries much of the cynicism of 1930s America. The Big Sleep is a story of intrigue, corruption, delinquency and obliquity with a rather complex plot which can be very confusing. The main character in “the Big Sleep” is the private detective Philip

  • The Narrative Techniques Used by Hitchcock in Rear Window Essay

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    The Narrative Techniques Used by Hitchcock in Rear Window L.B. Jeffries is a high-class magazine photographer for what seems to be a worldwide publication. In Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window', he is a temporarily wheelchair-bound man and his voyeuristic side appears later on in the film. 'Rear Window' depicts a 20th century New York in which fraudsters, murderers and salesmen all live alongside each other. The story describes a man who broke his leg during a photography

  • The Character of the Husband in Raymond Carver's Story Cathedral

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    The Character of the Husband in Raymond Carver's Story "Cathedral" In Raymond Carver's "Cathedral," the husband's view of blind men is changed when he encounters his wife's long time friend, Robert. His narrow minded views and prejudice thoughts of one stereotype are altered by a single experience he has with Robert. The husband is changed when he thinks he personally sees the blind man's world. Somehow, the blind man breaks through all of the husband's jealousy, incompetence for discernment

  • My Fathers Life

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    and quickly, a whole family can be on the edge of destruction. This is exactly what Raymond Carver describes in his novel “My Father’s Life” from 1984. In his novel, Raymond Carver describes his father’s life, starting with his death and continuing with how he met his wife. The story goes on, telling about their poor life, his alcoholism, gambling and his unfaithfulness. The father is named Clevie Raymond Carver and he is roughly described as a drunkard, who has a hard time

  • Theme Of Justice in "The Big Sleep" and "The Black Cat" Essay

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    The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe both approach the theme of justice and present it in dissimilar ways. The Big Sleep presents justice as something which you can achieve through beliefs and morals, without the use of money and crime. The Black Cat presents justice as something which is absolute and something which you cannot escape psychologically, a force which is inevitable. In The Big Sleep, a conversation between Philip Marlowe and Vivien Sternwood is proceeding

  • Essay Raymond Chandler's Writing Techniques in The Big Sleep

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    Raymond Chandler's Writing Techniques in The Big Sleep       I sat at my desk, wondering what I could possibly write about The Big Sleep. I mean, there are so many possibilities. This guy, Raymond Chandler's writing style is so different from anything I have ever read before, that there are many things that I could talk about. I heard that Chandler once said, "I live for syntax!" It does not surprise me that he would say something along those lines. I mean, this writer is all over the

  • Raymond Carver's A Small Good Thing Essay example

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    Raymond Carver's A Small Good Thing Raymond Carver's "A Small Good Thing," a short story that has to do with the lack of interaction and empathy between the baker, Ann and Howard, the finale where the baker is startled to find out about the child's death, asks for mercy and presents them warm cinnamon rolls telling them that "Eating is a small, good thing in a time like this" and they are comforted, reveals particular significance of the title in terms of the story's theme. Also, Raymond Carver's

  • Raymond Carvers Cathedral Essay

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         As with many short stories, Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” only has a few pages to develop his main character and create a scenario he or she must learn from or achieve something from or change because of. In such a short amount of space, word choice is integral in constructing a solid impression of the characters and their personalities in the reader’s mind. Carver’s simple use of language and sentence structure combined with his choice for point of view creates an intriguing

  • Raymond Carver's Neighbors Essay

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    In Raymond Carver’s “Neighbors” the speaker’s attention seems to be more directed on the Bill and Arlene Miller. The Millers are a married couple who were once a happy couple but as the years went along they felt grew apart. It seems as though they are too busy comparing their lives to the Harriet and Jim Stone, which are their neighbors, that they don’t have time to fix their marriage. The Stones do what married people should do and that’s “go out for dinner, or entertaining at home, or traveling