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  • The Recording Music Industry: The Structure Of The Recording Industry

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    The recording music business was originally dominated by record labels beginning in the 1950s. According to Aspray, the original structure of the recording industry stood as an oligopoly controlled by the six major record labels: Warner Music Group (WMG), Electrical and Music Industries Group (EMI), Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG), Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Group (SMG) and PolyGram (PMG). The Big 6 controlled all promotional and distributional efforts of recorded music and this control

  • Music Recording Industry

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    Music Recording INTRODUCTION For centuries man had dreamed of capturing the sounds and music of his environment by means of music recordings. The road to successful music recording had not been smooth until the derivation of the music recording industry. Since the inception of the music recording industry, the way in which music is produced, distributed, sold and consumed have greatly changed so also has popular music changed over time. These changes resulted from new technology which was invented

  • The Impacts of Technology on Music Recording Industry and Society

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    The Impacts of Technology on Music Recording Industry and Society "TV has restored the daily life of family, Photography has altered the way we look at the world, the computer has changed everything.” (Mark Katz, 2010) It is true the computer has converted everything into digital. Digital technology has also changed the ways of sound and voice recording. It has gradually led to the changes not only in the production of sound but also in the views of society

  • Illegal Downloading Platforms : The Recording Industry

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    • Illegal downloading platforms The recording industry estimates that it loses more than $4.6 billion every year to physical piracy (Lessig, 2004). The chart below shows that Spotify is helping to shift consumers away from piracy and towards their free, legal alternative. Due to the history of illegal music downloading in the digital age, consumer’s willingness to pay for the services provided by Spotify remains very low. • Free Versus Subscription Services Artists and record labels are

  • Sound Recording 's Evolution : Does It Affect The Music Industry?

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    Konrad Strzalkowski 28 December 2016 Sound Recording’s Evolution Does it affect music industry? Music industry these days is an open world to every one. Building own and expensive music library over the years or spending hours in record stores seeking for your favourite taste of the sound… is over. If anyone decide to hear album by for example: ’The Beatles’ or single called ‘Feeling Good’ by ‘Nina Simone’, it can be found and played within seconds. Music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify,

  • The Recording Industry After Hearing A Record Executive

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    understanding that making music is a tiring profession. Some artists spend up to 24 hours in a recording studio to create music that fans could only hear for three or four minutes. With the thought that music is their main source of income to put food on the table, musicians are sacrificing their time, energy, and money to get paychecks from the record label they are signed to. Through a close look at how the music industry

  • Castle Made Of Sand : America 's Recording Industry

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    Made of Sand: America’s Recording Industry In recent decades, the music industry as a whole has undergone transformative change. From the introduction of the compact disc, to the rise of iTunes and digital downloads, to the current emergence of streaming services, the way that artists produce music and deliver it to consumers has been radically altered in the past 20 years. As record labels’ stranglehold on the talent search and product distribution side of the music industry subsides, streaming services

  • Analysis Of The Recording Industry For Apple

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    Music industry professionals and Record Artists are creating opportunities for Apple that will accelerate sales and revenue for the iTunes platform. Recording artists are releasing exclusive albums on a single platform, as a method to increase album sales and sales for the platform. In 2013, U.S. recording artist Beyonce released her fifth studio album on the iTunes platform. The album was offered as a cohesive body of work with every song and video was made available with one single purchase of

  • Recording Industry Association Of America

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    be in trouble for giving ourselves joy. Today, I’m going to try and persuade you why illegally downloading music isn’t wrong. While I’m trying to persuade you some terms may cause confusion allow me to define and point out these terms: RIAA: Recording Industry Association of America. MPAAC: Motion Picture Association of America. DRM: An orderly access for copyright protection in online media. Besonic, Free Music Archive, Jamendo,

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sound Recording Industry

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    original products. The third form of music piracy is bootlegging, where unauthorised recordings of performance by artists are made and subsequently reproduced and sold in the market. All these happen without the knowledge of the performers, composer or the recording company, Earlier the music piracy was confined to cassette tapes only. With the advent of CDs in the eighties it was thought that piracy of sound recordings would become things of the past. But in reality CD piracy is the greatest threat