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  • The Night Sky - Original Writing

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    blows as the ghostly moonlight filled the darkness. George the highwayman made his way toward Bess the innkeeper’s daughter. She was gazing out the window when the two of their eyes met. Hers, black as the night sky, and a dark red love knot placed on her hair. A red dress made of the fabric silk. Her hair was a dark brown, but could have been mistaken as black. Her outfit fit her personality as much as it did the highwayman. I hope he loves poetry. Bess thought. He rides toward her on his

  • Seneca Orator And The Red Coat

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    Seneca orator was known as the Red Coat, he sent and received messages during the Revolutionary War. Seneca had many indian names, although the only one we know by heart is Sagoyewatha, which means roughly “he keeps them awake,” and apparently alludes to his abilities as an orator. After the War of 1812, he was involved in successful negotiations with the Americans to protect Seneca lands in western New York. He gave a memorable outstanding speech that was directed toward the missionary Jacob Cram

  • Don 't Be So High And Mighty

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    Paul grimaced as he took another swig from his tin cup, and stared down at forlornly as he struggled to swallow. “Dear Lord,” he pronounced, “what was in that river?” William didn’t answer at first, but he smiled as he poked the fire. “It’s just the Hudson.” “Ay,” said Peter, “Nothing but the blood of Tories.” “Don’t act like you’re some kind hardened soldier,” snapped Paul. “By the time you joined, the Treaty of Paris was nearly ratified, and the war over.” William laughed. “Don’t be so

  • Compare And Contrast: The Red And Blue Coat

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    Six Blind Men And The Elephant + The Red And Blue Coat Essay Do you think that an elephant looks like a spear, or maybe a tree? No? Well have you ever seen a Multicolored coat? Well in Six Blind Men and an elephant the six blind men thought the elephant looked like a that and many more strange concoctions. Also in The Red And Blue Coat there is actually a blue and red coat. It's true, just read my essay and you will know the main events of the two events of the two stories, the character's action

  • What Does A Red Coat Symbolize

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    a wealthy town. Majority of the people are well-dressed and are either middle or high class. Their clothing seems appropriate for the period of the film and for their age. The actors’ coats are coarse and rough. During the celebration, one woman wearing a red coat really stands out because of the color of her coat and most people

  • Textual Analysis: The Girl In The Red Coat

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    books. As I was reading The Girl in the Red Coat, I was enthralled by how the text was written and found myself being very interested in all of the characters. Due to this interest, I finished the memoir in less than a week. After I finished reading, I concluded that I enjoyed the memoir for a number of different reasons, one reason being its style. Compared to other texts that were discussed in class and presented from other groups, The Girl in the Red Coat was straightforward without being in the

  • Answer To The Teacher Jacob Pack, By Red Coat

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    intensely instilled in the contrasts between the two gatherings' general religious convictions. In "Answer to the Teacher Jacob Pack", Red Coat asserts that the "Incomparable Soul has made every one of us, however He has had an incredible effect between his white and red youngsters. He has given us diverse compositions and diverse traditions" (452). While Coat contends that the Incomparable Soul deliberately made the two gatherings with contrasts, he

  • Brief Summary Of Richard Lee's The Red Coat

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    Technocracy type of government and knows a lot about the Ophiocordyceps since, He used to be a scientist and did research on how the virus affects animals. Most of his time he spent as a scientist in the city-state located in former New York called ‘Red Coat’ studying the disease involved view human subjects who are infected. When he want to discover information on this topic he went into the abandoned areas that are jungles now full of trees, branches, and vines that are as sprouting and growing on

  • Descriptive Essay On A Black Cat

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    i opened the window pane and felt the cold breeze brush my cheeks. A light blizzard was raging. It was the beginning of winter. Snow was everywhere and the visibility was blurring. I let the air in, accompanied by little snowflakes. I saw them glaze in the streetlight. A large leafless tree lay far from my window.The snow slowly slid down from the tree and landed on a black cat. I chuckled at the sight of this subtle romance. The cat meowed. He looked as though he was merrily offering solace to the

  • My Childhood Memories Of My Family

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    She was a tiny silky terrier puppy, only 6 months old. Her coat was mostly black with brown highlights on the end. I picked her up and cried for a solid 30 minutes, out of pure joy. I already had a name picked out, Micchan. It had no particular meaning. I just wanted something different. (Over the years she came