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  • Sensible Violence Within Cultural Texts Essay examples

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    According to Ian Almond in the article "Mullahs, Mystics, Moderates and Moghuls: The Many Islams of Salman Rushdie", Rushdie wrote this piece from a medieval religiousness perspective, most pointedly making use of symbols such as the "ancient holy relic whose disappearance inspires countless deaths" (Almond 3). These violent deaths mark something more in the theme of the book; presumptuously, Rushdie is attempting to enlighten his readers with the many faces of Islam, this particular story showing

  • Summary Of Stephen Hume's The Spirit Weeps

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    the culture and tradition of natives. Now they took the role of preserver and show their interest to materials rather than humans.Hume presents his views about the descriminations of authority towards the natives of Canada. Key Words : exhibition,relics,aborginals Stephen Hume’s ‘The Spirit Weeps’ was a comment on the controversy surrounding ‘The Spirit Sings’. The exhibition ‘The Spirit Sings: Artistic Tradition of Canada’s First People’ was held at Glenbow Museum as a part of the Arts Festival

  • The Importance And Influence Of The Romanesque Era

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    Taking a journey through the historical time line of the past, it is clear to see that change occurs. Some periods illustrate more change than others, some of them are of greater influence than the period before it, and then there are those that are not only influential from an art perspective, but also from the perspective of the styles ability to spread across a whole region. A period that specifically displayed this capability was the Romanesque era. The Romanesque era was a period in time which

  • Getting Closer to God on Religious Pilgrimages in Gregory Chaucer's Cantebury Tales

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    “Than longen folk to goon on pilgrimages,” said Gregory Chaucer in his book, The Canterbury Tales, meaning people long to go on religious pilgrimages. The act of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages had been a very popular and traditional practice in the Christian society. This visit to shrines or holy places was an act of religious devotion and played a role in the lives of many Europeans, especially those in the western regions of Medieval Europe. In order to understand the importance of pilgrimages

  • Virtual Pilgrim Research Paper

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    such as the lady of Guadalupe basilica in Mexico to the vatican. Also, they can visit many relics around the world like the shroud of Turin. This type of method allows the pilgrim to implement the principal forms of early christian pilgrimage to his or her virtual

  • Art And Its Impact On The World

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    What was interesting about this specific chapter was that normally the type of art is connected to the specific area where the art was created. Romanesque art however is not specifically connect to any one area. Although it was first noticed in Europe, this style of art was seen in many different places, using many different references, and techniques of past works, and cultures. When the trade routes were reopened in Europe the economy of the surrounding areas flourished, which helped the spread

  • Exploring Why Christians Go on Pilgrimages Essay

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    Exploring Why Christians Go on Pilgrimages I will start this essay by explaining why some Christians go on pilgrimages and will go on to explain in detail the effect this might have on them. I will also share experiences that others have had and the life changing experiences they’ve had. A pilgrim is one who travels to sacred places but in a more detailed form, a pilgrim is a believer in a faith or the follower of a religion who travels to sacred places within or outside

  • Advantages And Benefits Of Pilgrimages

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    What exactly is a pilgrimage? A pilgrimage is a journey that people take for many reasons. Most people go on a pilgrimage to form a stronger connection with God, they ask for healing and forgiveness and follow him in his footsteps while visiting sacred places. On this journey people benefit from their connection with God in ways that are too difficult to explain but in the end they find the purpose of it all and the answers that they had asked themselves in the beginning were answered. Pilgrimages

  • Relics Of Buddhism And Buddhism

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    Relics are thought to be present in Buddhism since the 5th Century B.C.E, when the original Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was said to have lived, and Buddhism itself was a new religion. They continue today as sacred objects of worship. Relics that are as old as Buddhism itself are said to exist and still be worshipped. Although the idea of relics may seem contradictory to many of Buddhist beliefs, they actually do resonate with many ideals of Buddhist teachings and practices. To see whether relics

  • How Does Matsuo Basho's Journey Affect Literature

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    Matsuo Basho’s journey has a significant impact on literature due to his well-written journals that reveal his lifestyle and experiences. In his first journal, The Records of a Weather-exposed Skeleton, Basho conveys his spiritual thoughts and religious life that he experiences on a new journey. Basho’s journal contains several poems as he further reveals different people, traditions, and significant places that made his journey more memorable. In Matsuo Basho’s first journal he reveals the several