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  • Essay on Morality and Religion Debate

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    Morality and Religion Debate In an organized religion debate, Alan Dershowitz and Alan Keyes contended many issues on religion and morality. Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, believed that "morality can be maintained without religion." He also stated that it must be maintained without religion because times have changed. He said that if religion is not separated from state it could have severe damage, such as the Crusades and the Holocaust. Dershowitz believes that there is a difference

  • The Debate Of Science And Religion

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    important parts in the way we understand this world. 3 out of every 5 scientists do not believe that God exists, but the other 2 however, do believe. Science and religion are 2 of the most debated topics in the world and somehow the two could never get on the same page, sometime it evens seems that they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum. The debate I listened to from Intelligence Squared was extremely informal and presented a very distinct and good arguments. There were 4 scientists (2 were for the motion

  • Essay On The Debate For And Against Religion In Public Schools

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    The debate for and against religion in public schools has weaved itself in and out of both court systems and the communities the many cases brought forward involved. While it was established early on that the state and those who represent the state could not display advancement of any particular religion, the focus on distinguishing that there are no favored religions became especially difficult. As many actions to equalize the ability to practice religions were taken, some saw those same actions

  • Religion in the Public Square: The Place of Religious Convictions and Political Debate

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    The book, Religion in the Public Square: The Place of Religious Convictions Political Debate (1997), is a presentation of a debate between two foremost thinkers who argue about the place that religion should have in the public forum, more specifically in politics. Robert Audi argues that citizens in a free democracy should make a difference between religion and between secular aspects or state and give them two separate domains. The one has nothing to do with the other and for each to be functioning

  • Essay about Neil Postman and The Great Debate of Televised Religion

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    Neil Postman and The Great Debate of Televised Religion Neil Postman states that religion on television is expressed purely as entertainment. He believes that by making religion more entertaining, sacred rituals and traditions are replaced and lost. In his chapter titled “Shuffle Off to Bethlehem,” Postman describes what he believes to be a fraudulent religious tactic and loss of spirituality through television. Postman also makes a good point when he states that all televised religious

  • The Relationship Of Religion And Women Has Sparked National And International Debate Over The Years

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    Lydia Willsky-Ciollo Religious Studies 101C 17 December 2014 Religious Women in the Workplace The relationship of religion and women has sparked national and international debate over the years. Religion is an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods, and is very important to a specific person or group. People find comfort in religion to answer questions such as ‘where did we come from?’, ‘what is our place in the world?’, and ‘what happens to us

  • Reflection Analysis

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    In 2017, it seems engagement in controversial discourse is the ultimate taboo. In fear of offending others, youth avoid discussions of religion, political opinions, and economic problems altogether. Or, in contrast, discussions of these topics turn hostile and have to be extinguished in the classroom. The result of this problem is that many young people do not know what they truly think about controversial topics, and a generation of apathetic thinkers that never go beyond the mainstream media for

  • Reflection On Religion, Morality, And Deconstruction

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    Introduction Throughout our course and true to our title, we have discussed a variety of contentious issues topics regarding religion, morality, and other contested claims for justice. Often we have approached these issues using “soft skills” to engage different voices both from outside of our class and from within our class, as opposed to hard skills, based on a deconstructive debate-like approach. For me, developing those skills has been the most significant challenge throughout the course. These soft

  • Safe Spaces Should Be A Safe Space

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    Safe spaces should be included and supported on campuses but the university in its entirety must not become a safe space. I believe that safe spaces should be allowed on campuses because, safe spaces allow students to feel comfortable and speak without being judged while also assisting students in need and helping to form strong relationships. However, I don’t think the entire university must become a safe space because I still believe that safe spaces can prevent conversations on controversy. To

  • Peer Pressure

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    Good Debate Topics Bored of the same old debate topics repeated and reiterated at every competition? Here are a few good debate topics that you can choose from for the next time you organize a debate. As a student, one topic which I remember always making the rounds of the debating circuit was, does violence in television and movies influence the way children behave? By the end of my learning years, I was sure that I had heard every argument that could have been made about the topic. After all,