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  • The Pros And Cons Of Newspaper Reporters

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    without doing any research. Teens today are becoming more and more pro choice because of newspaper reporters and the lies they tell. People see newspapers reporters working for these huge corporations and think that they know everything because they are well informed and their job requires them to do a lot of research. Although this may be true for some newspaper reporters, other newspaper reporters may be telling lies left and right deceiving people. If you were the poor innocent fetus in this situation

  • Becoming a Mandated Reporter

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    Unit 6 Project: Child abuse and what it takes to be a mandated reporter Kaplan University CM 107-27 1. Introduction: A What is a Mandated Reporter B. Profession that are to report child abuse 2. What is child abuse ? A) What are the different types of child abuse? B) Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse Maltreatment and child neglect 3) What are the steps in reporting child abuse A) Keeping it confidential B) State regulation on how to report C) How to deal with parents on notification

  • The Reporter-Branch Reporter Report

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    REPORTER: The reporter/ Branch Manager (Janet) called to report adult self neglect for the victim, Thomas. Thomas is totally blind with blood pressure problems and hypertension. According to the reporter, the victim lives alone. On 01/04/2016 he went to the doctor for his vision problems. On 01/06/2016 or 01/07/2016, he tried to light his gas heater in the house and it caught on fire. The reporter had someone go by the home to check on him, and there was a woman (Kathalina Houston) there cleaning

  • How The Newly Promoted Assignment Editor

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    To the newly promoted assignment editor: I would first like to congratulate you on your promotion. Our newsroom strives to create a positive relationship between reporters and editors. I wanted to take the time and write about your new role in helping improve the quality of journalism. Reporters need editors, and a good relationship between the two will help set up an opportunity for a successful story. John Green, an American author, said, “In the end, what makes a book valuable is not the paper

  • Erin Andrews Reebok

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    whether any journalist should endorse a commercial product]? Case in point, Reebok’s hiring of Erin Andrews, ESPN reporter and voted Playboy magazine’s sexiest reporter, to endorse a new line of shoes “Zoom Alpha Talon Cleat” has done just that. Those on the sidelines-as well as those who rival the endorsed product- can attest to this struggle. Is it acceptable for sports reporters, like Erin Andrews, to accept endorsement deals

  • The World of Mass Media

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    The world of Mass Media is a complicated place as told by former TV and Radio reporter, Al Meyers. “You never know what you’re going to be doing, but then there’s the ability to be able to do it and to share that with the people who are listening.” Meyers, who is retired, gave me the pleasure of sitting down and talking to me about the world of Mass Media Communication, then and now. Most of what we hear about in the world today comes to us as it is broadcasted through the television news networking

  • Summary Of The Naked Citadel

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    Confirmation bias is the phenomenon of choosing to accept information that appeals to one’s beliefs. It blinds oneself from another’s perspective. It is a cycle that reflects people’s lack of open-mindedness. Most Democrats grow up in liberal environments while most Republicans grow up in conservative environments. These environments affect their political stances, as well as other beliefs and ideals they have. They then share their beliefs and ideals to those around them and future generations.

  • NBT Persuasive Essay

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    punish Journalists?Should we punish Journalists for publishing secret information that could endanger others.The Journalists are publishing secrets that endanger others. The reason we don’t jail reporters for revealing secret information because one it is there job and two only dictators jail reporters for that kind of stuff.The U.S would be acting like a dictatorship and that is not what we want the world to look at us like. Journalists can be jailed if they refuse to reveal their sources as seen

  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Citizen Journalism

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    thirty-three deaths along with more than a dozen injuries and a permanent wound to the community. Journalist and writer, Lilly Yulianti, posted an article one day after the tragedy identifying a newer form of journalism identified as active citizen reporters. Yuliantis' article, Praise for Student’s Footage of Virginia Tech Mass Killing, received a voice in an online news outlet where writings of new forms are welcomed. Time and incident met and a young man, by the name of Jamal Albarghouti, stepped

  • The History Of Media Shield Laws

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    will argue the pros and cons of the need and importance of such shield laws in Hawaii to help enhance the First Amendment. According to the West 's Encyclopedia of American Law (n.d.) shield laws are statues that “make communications between news reporters and informants confidential and privileged, freeing journalists of the obligation to testify about them in court.” The encyclopedia compares this to a doctor-patient, lawyer-client or priest-parishioner privilege. Where these laws are in action,