It's Halloween : My Favorite Time Of School

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It’s Halloween, my favorite time of year. My three friends and I spent hours getting ready at my house. This year, we are going to be superheroes, our best idea so far. We each had on a different colored capes and little tiny masks covering our eyes. This Halloween is going to be a blast. However, there was just one problem. Mom kept telling me that I needed to be home by ten, annoying. Apparently, a murderer escaped from prison about ten miles away from our town. Emma said “Mom you're silly no one ever snuck out of jail.” Mom “Yes someone actually did it was all over the internet and the news.” Ok Emma said we will for sure be home by ten. As we walked out the door, my mom yelled, “Have fun, girls, be safe! Please be home by ten!” After two hours had gone by, the gray sky had begun to turn black. My best friend Kelly looked at her phone, it was almost 9:30. We would have to hurry to get home by ten. Besides, houses were becoming further and further apart. We were out of the familiar subdivision. In fact, I wasn't exactly sure on how to get back home. We all had goosebumps on our arms because the wind had begun to pick up. I looked at my other two friends Elizabeth and Kristen, they were both shivering. I had to make a decision. Taking a shortcut through a small path in through the dark woods. Taking Eagle View road all the way back to my house would take at least 45 minutes, and my mom would not be happy.
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