Rhesus Macaque

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  • The Fertility Of Their Female Subjects

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    Literature Review Studies of (Red) Clothing Beall and Tracy (2013) studied whether women were more likely to wear reddish clothing (red or pink) when they were ovulating – at high risk of conception, or at peak fertility. The researchers built off of prior research which revealed that women are adaptively motivated to appear more attractive when they are most likely to become pregnant, and that the color red acts as an attractive color when seen worn by a member of the opposite sex (and the subject

  • The Correlation Between Pair Bonding And Mother Infant Relationships And Oxytocin

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    Abstract Oxytocin (OT) has been studied extensively over the past 60 years, and in the past 10 years, there has been a dramatic rise in research due to interest in the many functions of oxytocin. Through biological mechanisms involving oxytocin, pair-bonding, as well as mother infant relationships are better understood. The intent of this paper is to establish the correlation between pair-bonding and mother infant relationships and oxytocin. Primate oxytocin research provides groundwork for human

  • Harry Harlow

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    Harry Israel was born in Fairfield, a small town in Iowa. He was the third of four boys and grew up in a family that placed a top quality on the value of education. When he completed his bachelor and doctoral degrees at Stanford University, his advisor convinced Harry to change his surname from Israel to Harlow because of the concern of possible discrimination of his last name. In 1930, Harlow began work as a comparative psychologist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and remained there for

  • Attachment Theory And Its Impact On Our Lives

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    we need a being to help guide and shape us to keep the natural cycle of life going. As humans, we are often called advanced descendants of a common ancestor we share with present day apes and monkeys. This is showcases by the fact that 94% of Rhesus Macaque Monkey’s genetic heritage is the same as humans (136). Losing a loved one or any traumatic experience can be one of the hardest things to deal with in life. These events often make us appreciate the people in our life and help us cherish the ones

  • A Research Study On Zika Virus

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    we must know what Zika is. What is Zika The Zika is a extremely rare disease. it is a flavivirus transmitted by mosquitos, the Genus Aedes, which was discovered in 1947 in Uganda. Despite that it is maly seen in the Aedes, it was first seen in rhesus monkeys located in the forest also known as Zika forest. Many that are bit by the mosquito experience symptoms allowing doctors

  • Importance Of Human Interaction In The Novel 'The Fault In Our Stars'

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    Human interaction (such as building relationships with loved ones) is a very critical and crucial part in life. In 1932, an experiment by Harry Frederick Harlow- a well known psychologist- involving rhesus monkeys was conducted. In this experiment, Harlow and his colleagues separated newborn rhesus monkeys from their mothers, holding each one in isolation chambers. The study showed that when placed in total isolation for the first eights months of life, denying all contact with other infants or

  • Factors That Affect The Nervous System ( Sns ) And Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal ( Hpa )

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    to stress among human children, but to my knowledge there have been no studies of such a relationship in nonhumans. Here, I investigate the responses of these analytes to non-stressful and stressful events in a cohort of free-ranging juvenile rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) on Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico. Behavioral data collected on maternal rejection and abuse during each juvenile’s first three months of life was used to determine individual ELA categories. Saliva samples were collected from juveniles

  • Communication Between Rhesus Infants And Their Non Agonistic Mothers

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    behaviors of non-human primates, and in this case mothering rhesus macaques. To determine the source of the disturbed agonistic behavior of the mother rhesus toward her offspring, one must first look at the environmental conditions in which the mother rhesus was reared as an infant. The correlation between environmental conditions and behavioral tendencies of the mother rhesus can be observed in the behavioral differences of the mother rhesus and related members of the group, owing to differencing environmental

  • Community Is The Goal Oriented Community

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    A community is an interacting group of various species and abiotic things that live within the same location. Each community is different due to being comprised of unique organisms and inanimate objects. The basic unit of community relies on survival. As stated by de Waal, the primate community is a prime example which displays how we perform innate behaviors to ensure our survival. The next level of community is the goal-oriented community. Goal-oriented communities strive to bring about change

  • The Effects Of Animal Testing During The Space Race

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    If you have a pet, would you want to send them up to space to be apart of an experiment? During the Space Race, Russia sent up a dog, named Laika, to see if it is safe for humans to go into space. Do you agree with the decision to send animals into space? I believe that animal testing was necessary during the Space Race in order to save human lives. Animals that were used in during this experiment was necessary to save human lives. If they wouldn't have animals tested during the space race, how