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  • My Summer Wardrobe - Original Writing

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    “I have missed you so much!” I say as I fall back onto my bed. It feels so good to be back home. My own bed, my own room, my own clothes, my own food. “I am glad to have you back Riles!” Sam says, leaning onto the door frame of my room. “Ethan is a little bummed though.” “Boo hoo.” I say. “Tell him he is free to visit anytime he likes.” “I will do that right away.” Sam laughs. “Is there anywhere you want to go today? Anything you need to do?” she asks. “Today I think I will just stay here and

  • Short Story Of Using A Weapon In Prison

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    +++ A few nights later, while Andrew and Margaret were sleeping, suddenly a noise awakened them. “What was that?” Margaret asked, sitting up in the bed. “It sounds as though someone is in the kitchen. I will call the police. You stay here and don’t make a sound until I return.” Andrew put on his robe and shoes and tiptoed out of the room. Margaret waited a few minutes before deciding she wanted to see what was going on downstairs. Putting on her robe, and went out into the hallway, to listen. When

  • Professional Racism and Discrimination

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    The Los Angeles Police Department has a reputation for using race as a basis to catch criminals. Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for believing an individual is suspicious of committing a crime. Discriminatory or abusive behavior towards people of color affects the justice system and violates people’s human rights. The LAPD continues to use racial profiling against mostly African-Americans and Latinos. The use of racial profiling by the LAPD prevents the police from serving

  • Civil Rights And Social Integration Of African Americans

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    unemployment, overcrowding, poverty, and segregation have become increasingly prevalent. The first of these social disturbances is the Rodney King riot of 1992 and the second is the Watts riot of 1965. The racial bigotry, which was backed by the racial restrictive covenants and racial discrimination of LAPD throughout Southern Los Angeles; as well as the events that sparked the Rodney King riot and the Watts riot; clearly illustrate the racial segregation and the overall struggle that African-Americans faced

  • The La Riots : Perception Vs. Reality

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    Prof. Grace von Moritz Due: 04/17/2016 The LA Riots: Perception vs. Reality The Los Angeles riots of 1992 was one of the largest scale riots in American history. Though the riots started just hours after the infamous not guilty verdict in the Rodney King trial, there were many factors that contributed to the anarchy created by certain members of the Los Angeles community. The media’s coverage of the trial and riots focused on the concept that the black community had reached their boiling point

  • Is Excessive Force in Police Brutality Related to Race Essays

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    If you remember correctly that Rodney King was pulled over by the police after a long reckless chase pursuit. After being stopped he was disruptive and was beaten severely which many believed to be rather excessive. After viewing the video of this particular incident I found it to be

  • Rodney King

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    Turnitin gave a grade of 4% similarity. | Unethical Behavior of Police Brutality | Ethical Behavior In Criminal Justice | | Yasmen Sarter | 11/18/2012 | This paper is to the best of my ability. | From the perspective of law, excessive physical force most clearly constitutes police brutality, a term often applied loosely to various forms of police misconduct (Holmes, 2000). Over the years, police brutality continues to be an issue of concern all across the world and the need for

  • The King Case Of Rodney King

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    One of the examples of how the media can play a role in court cases is the Rodney King case. Rodney King(King), a black man living in Los Angles, California who was on parole for a robbery conviction and two friends were driving west on Interstate 210, on the night of March 3,1991, when California Highway Patrol officer spotted his care speeding down the Interstate. The officers attempted to pull King over, but King refused to pull over, resulting in a high-speed chase (Koon 1996) King then exited

  • History Is Repeating Itself By James Baldwin

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    History is Repeating Itself Introduction Over the past few years, there have been multiple cases involving what some claim to be police brutality. The past couple of years have had incidents reminiscent of the sixties. Racial tensions have risen and numerous ongoing riots have broken out. There has been fires and lootings and such due to these riots. The question is, is America going back in time? In December of 2014, a monthly magazine called “The Progressive” republished an article written by

  • The Movie ' Scent Of A Woman '

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    Sometimes there are things in life we have to learn, wheather is by someone we don 't know or things we have to see for ourselves. The movie, Scent of a woman played a big part in the example of growing up, and becoming a man. There was a blind man by the name of Lieutenant Frank Slade, and a high schooler named Charlie. What seemed like a short weekend job to earn some extra money, became a moment that could change Charlie 's way of life forever, and the Lieutenant was just the persson for him to