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  • Rotary International Club And The Rotary Club

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    Rotary International Club is an organization where people from all over the world come together to build personal and professional connection while brainstorming ideas for humanitarian service in their own community and the community abroad. Attorney Paul P. Harris founded the Rotary Club in 1905 and held their very first meeting in Chicago at one of his friend’s office. The original Rotary Club members came up with the name Rotary because they used to rotate each other offices for a weekly meeting

  • Rotaract Club Paper

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    Big West Rotaract Conference Big West Rotaract is a Multi District Information Organization assisted by Rotary International society. The primary purpose of Big West Rotaract is to provide leadership development and education for members of Rotaract Clubs in different states through leadership seminars, online resources, and leadership conferences. Big West Rotaract Conference aims to offer leadership training to the club officers of Rotaract Clubs, to assist Rotaract Club leaders in connecting

  • What I Chose For This Outsider Assignment

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    The location I chose for this outsider assignment was one of Lewis University’s Rotaract meetings. Rotaract is the collegiate level of Rotary Club, a non-profit organization whose motto is “Service above self”. The club itself, both collegiate and adult level, dedicates its time and resources towards a wide variety of charitable acts. The meeting I went to was not an informative meeting, rather it was one of the many charity events that the group hosts year round. When I went, the event was called

  • Sacramento State University Application Essay Sample

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    knowledge from my classes with my enjoyable participation in community service. As a continuing officer of the Rotaract Club at CSUS, I’ve dedicated more time to serving the local Rotary Clubs, Sacramento SPCA, and Sacramento State’s own Alumni Association. I am also grateful to have been a guest speaker for the RPOTs District Rotaract Conference, PolioPlus Rotary Conference, and Big West Rotaract Conference this past

  • I Had A Goal For My Academic Year At St. Edward 's University

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    Entering my freshman year at St. Edward’s University, I knew I had a set of goals I wanted to accomplish throughout my academic year. I felt that I had the mindset of a motivated and driven student. While I recognized I would face many challenges throughout the year, I was confident I could easily overcome them because of the type of character I carried. Unfortunately, one of those challenges was dealing with depression and I took the incorrect route in addressing the issue. Early in the semester

  • Habitat For Humanity Study

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    hall’s council. This position allows me to collaborate with other assembly representatives from other residence halls to ensure that all students throughout campus are satisfied with their residential experience. As a member of the Seattle University Rotaract club, I am able to participate in multiple community service opportunities, which allows me to recognize and address the needs of the Seattle community. Through both commitments, I am able to understand the needs of my community and communicate effectively

  • Why I Want To Individualize My Major?

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    as an underclassman. During the Business Undergraduate Program of The Wharton School, I hope I will have an impact on my peers, and, through memberships in the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative (PPI) Student Association, Wharton Council, and Rotaract Club of the University of Pennsylvania, I would hope to further develop my business network. Since I have already been

  • Personal Statement For Biomedical Engineering

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    One of the crucial moments in my life was the decision I had to take; as to what I was going to do next in life. Having completed my Advanced Level in 2013, I realized that it was not the end of my career as a student. I needed strong academic foundation along with other soft skills to meet the challenges and survive in this commercial world as a successful individual. In view of these thoughts, I was unable to make a firm decision as to what my career direction would be. After a month or so of

  • Clubs Should Be Allowed In High School

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    When I first arrived to Simpson, the campus had an organization fair where all the clubs on campus were available for students to explore. I went to the fair and signed up for four clubs: Rotaract, Pre-Health Society, Breast Cancer Awareness Club and Campus Activity Board Club. I was involved in many athletics and clubs throughout high school and plan to be very involved in clubs here at Simpson. I’m anxious to begin these clubs over the next four years. The first club meeting I attended was CAB

  • Persuasive Essay : My Love Of Volunteering

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    2.(224) The one thing embedded deeper inside of me than my love of reading is my love of volunteering. Ever since I was a small child, my parents have placed a strong emphasis on helping people who are less fortunate, regardless of how they came to be in that circumstance. Using that fostered love of service, I have spent the past three years of my high school career volunteering at every possible moment. My school climate happens to be one that promotes community service opportunities including